Village children waiting to perform

Lighting a new path

October 2022

Cooperatives bring power to remote village

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Prairie Flavors

Game Day Winners

By MIO Coalition October 2022

Whether you’re on a college campus, in a high school parking lot or in your backyard it’s tailgate season and we have a few Game Day Winners to add to the menu. Down…set…let’s tailgate!

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Photo Contest Winners | October 2022

Reader's Favorite
Dog Bone Bandits!
Casey Citty
Choctaw Electric
It's step-brothers, Will Ferrell and John Reilly. Oops it's our daughter and her husband.
Ronny Thompson
East Central Electric
"I said NO!"
Sharon Wilson
Verdigris Valley Electric
Cat woman
Jeanie Opitz
CKenergy Electric

Current Theme: Potluck—Anything goesSubmit a Photo

Photos are due by October 10th

As we enter a season of feasting with friends and family, we are sure many of those will be potluck. With this in mind, let’s have a “potluck” themed contest where anything goes! Send us those photos you’ve been holding on to and waiting for that perfect theme.

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Each month, Oklahoma Living magazine holds a themed reader-submitted photo contest. Top submissions are chosen to be featured in the “Reader’s Favorites” contest, then it’s up to you, the readers, to vote for your favorite.

Voting opens on the 11th of each month.