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Oklahoma Stories

Americans Taken Hostage

Ranger reunion honors historic task force

Paying Tribute

One-of-a-kind program in Oklahoma honors Texas County veterans

Small Business, Big Dreams

Local businesses adapt during pandemic times

Patriot of the Game

University of Oklahoma recognizes retired co-op CEO

Prairie Flavors

Cider Season

For me, there's still no drink that screams fall more than apple cider. I love a glass of hot spiced cider on a cool autumn day, but cider can be used in baking and cooking as well. I hope you'll enjoy these recipes from my kitchen to yours!

Fall in Love With Dutch Ovens

Celebrate the arrival of fall weather with delicious, hearty Dutch oven recipes. However, if you don’t own one, feel free to try these recipes in a pot, oven safe skillet, or another baking dish. 

Farm Fresh

Inspired by the mission of Urban Agrarian, this month’s recipes feature fresh, locally available ingredients that are full of flavor and nutrients.

Salad for Every Meal (Even Breakfast)

This month, many students and teachers will return to the classroom after an extended break from school. For those who are looking to maintain a healthy diet to keep their immune systems strong, or those hoping to lose a few “quarantine pounds,” being prepared with healthy meals can help.

A Taste of the Tropics

Dreaming of a tropical getaway? While it might not be advisable to travel right now, you can bring some of the flavors of a beach-side vacation to your home with this month’s recipes.

Table Talk

Four ways to support local eateries

Discover ideas to help support your favorite local restaurants

Farm to Fork

A one-of-a-kind destination restaurant offers Oklahomans a fresh experience

The Chicken Shack

In the backyard of the Deep Fork River, an unmarked shack is home to some of the best broasted chicken in Oklahoma. Without a sign, it feels like a secret hideout waiting to be discovered. Even the owner gives off an almost Capone-like vibe.  

Blue Spruce Gelato & Sorbet

Discover cool treats for many tastes in Stillwater, Oklahoma

White Dog Hill

At White Dog Hill in Clinton, Oklahoma, even better than a bark is a bite of one of the restaurant’s beautiful creations.

Powerful Living

Low Signal

Pandemic reveals need for high-speed broadband in rural Oklahoma

Biz-Bending Champions

Help OKL honor innovative small businesses

Powering the Panhandle

New partnership reduces outage times, increases economic prosperity

The Co-op Difference During COVID-19

Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives are fully committed to the communities they serve. That means not only keeping the lights on, but also lending a hand to neighbors in times of need.

Okie Snaps

Fall Favorites

OKL Winner RibbonCongratulations to your October Okie Snaps winner, Matthew Turner, member of Lake Region Electric Cooperative. 

Pumpkin Patch

“Our little pumpkin patch!” Photo submitted by Lindsey Coe, member of Verdigris Valley Electric Cooperative.

Mirrored Image

Mirror image taken on the family farm near Maud, Oklahoma. Photo submitted by Sarah Rodefeld.


“Wow! That’s one big leaf!” Submitted by Sara Hutchins, member of Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative. 


Guess Where

Where was this historic photo taken? Last month's photo featured the Severs Hotel in Muskogee, Oklahoma!


Best Of OKL Contest

We need your help to find the BEST in Oklahoma!

Okie Snaps

Submit your photos by the 10th of each month and you could be featured in OKL!


Exercise Your Right to Vote

In the wise words of a founding father and third U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson: “We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”  

The words are simple but hold much truth. If we don’t vote, we not only miss the opportunity to support a candidate who shares our specific views and concerns, but we also allow others to chart a course that impacts our future.

A Perspective of Gratitude

Is your cup half empty or half full? The majority of us have heard this question before, and we know the answer depends on our perspective. The month of November comes every year with the reassurance that we are to give thanks. Truthfully, we have reasons to give thanks every month of the year, and every day of that year for that matter.  

Oklahoma Outside

Tomato Time

Get practical tips to learn how to grow tomatoes in containers

How does your garden grow?

Outdoor gadgets to build a better yard

Holiday Gifts for Gardeners

The holidays are soon upon us, and it’s time to think about what to get for the gardener in your life. 

7 Perennials to Beat the Summer Heat

Learn about various perennials to beat the Oklahoma summer heat