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Day Trip Destinations

By Elaine Warner   |   June 2022

Discover in-state spots perfect for a weekend of family fun.

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Prairie Flavors

Sweet and Spicy

By MIO Coalition June 2022

It’s safe to say in the south the fruit of the summer would have to be watermelon, right? Whether it’s red, yellow, with seeds or without, nothing beats a piece of this cold summer fruit on a hot summer day! This month we are featuring it three ways that will hopefully settle any cravings you or your guests may have at your summer parties.

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Okie Snaps

Photo Contest Winners | June 2022

Reader's Favorite
Dog days of summer!
Breanna Durant
Choctaw Electric
Fruit of the summer
Jenny Omondi
Verdigris Valley Electric
Ice-cream, You Scream
Gail Fipps
Canadian Valley Electric
Hang on tight!
Laura Walters
Indian Electric

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You’ve heard of the “dog days of summer” well we think it’s time to give our furry feline friends their time to shine. Share your best #Caturdays photos with us so we can see how they are spending their summer…most likely taking a catnap.

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