Oklahoma Stories

Farming Legacy

Okla. Senate President Pro Tempore, Mike Schulz, shares his journey from the farm to the Capitol.

Best of OKL 2017

Votes are in for the 2017 "Best of OKL!" See which local favorites are taking home the esteemed title.

The Cemetery Lady

Lake Region Electric Cooperative member preserves cemeteries across Oklahoma.

A Warrior Restored

Learn the powerful story of a wounded, restored hero.

One Lightbulb Makes a Difference

Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives bring power to remote villages in Bolivia.

Prairie Flavors

Red Velvet Treats

Show love to your friends and family by whipping up some red velvet treats for them. The bright red color of red velvet was traditionally made with beet juice and enhanced by the cocoa in the batter. 

Resolving to plan ahead

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to be healthier, to lose weight or to become more financially stable, meal planning can help. 

A flour-covered Christmas

This month, Oklahoma Living staff members share some of the recipes that have become part of their families’ traditions over the years.

Pretty Pies

Pie is often thought of as an all-American dessert. But did you know pie existed long before America did?

Baking with Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a versatile ingredient that can be used in both savory and sweet recipes. This fall, think beyond pie when baking with pumpkin.

Table Talk

Hoboken Coffee Roasters

Hoboken Coffee Roasters is a highlight of downtown Guthrie. 

Cafe Bahnhof

Find a taste of Germany in Waynoka, Okla.

Butcher BBQ Stand

If smells trigger memories, the Butcher BBQ Stand in Wellston, Okla., is a sure shot for hungry travelers to make a trip unforgettable.

Kendall's Restaurant

Kendall’s Restaurant serves up Oklahoma favorites and celebrates family traditions in Noble, Okla. 

Sid's Diner

Marty Hall is passionate about making customers feel at home with his specialty onion burgers. 

Powerful Living

Here Comes the Sun

Electric cooperatives of Oklahoma add solar to power generation mix.

Core Data Center

State-of-the-art data center in rural northeast Oklahoma

Energy Trails: lighting a path in Bolivia

A writer's perspective on a life-changing journey.

Flying Dreams

Can drones help co-ops patrol remote right of ways?

Threatened or not?

Co-ops play an active role in preserving the lesser prairie-chicken.

Okie Snaps

Puppy Love

OKL Winner RibbonCongratulations to February’s photo contest ­winner Lisa Mansell! Last month’s photo contest theme was “Puppy Love.”

Fun in the Snow

Brennon and his puppy, Sammy, love having fun in the first snow of the year. Submitted by Shurae Bensch, member of Cimarron Electric Cooperative.

Puppy Kisses

Daisy loves kisses from her Madi. Submitted by Madison Folsom, member of East Central Oklahoma Electric Cooperative. 

Sweetening the Deal

Clay asks Emily to marry him and sweetens the deal with Baker. Submitted by Kay Tangner.

A Loyal Friend

Guiness loves going to the fire station with his owner, Zack. Submitted by Steve and Kim Perry, members of East Central Oklahoma Electric Cooperative.


Guess Where

OKL Winner RibbonCongratulations to last month’s winner, David Lister! Last month’s photo was the Canute Service Station.

Okie Snaps

Enter your photos for next month's theme, "Daytime Adventures," by Jan. 10!

Oklahoma Take 10

Our judges were impressed by Oklahoma Living readers’ talent and eye for beautiful shots across our state. Now, we are proud to share with you the top 10 submissions. Enjoy the winners of the 2016 contest! 

Mom's Best Recipe Contest

Whether it’s her gooey cinnamon rolls, her savory chicken pot pie or her perfectly fluffy chocolate cake, we all have a recipe that mom makes the best. We’d love you to share your favorite recipe from mom with us as part of OKL’s “Mom’s Best Recipe” contest. 


Largest Turnover of Oklahoma Legislators

This month more than one third of Oklahoma’s legislators will begin the first session of the 56th Oklahoma Legislature as freshmen. It’s the biggest bumper crop of new legislators in our history. The turnover is largely the result of term limits; after 12 years they are done.  

Addressing Challenges Ahead of Us

I pray that everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year. With the holidays behind us, we are preparing for an exciting new year. We are aware of some challenges ahead of us, but there are other ones we have yet to recognize. Nonetheless, we will face them head on this year with determination and persistence.

Oklahoma Outside

Your Fall Garden Begins in the Spring

Crafting a beautiful fall garden begins in spring. What you plant in late April should carry you through to autumn even after a hot Oklahoma summer.

Why Plant Native Shrubs and Trees

Native plants are those found naturally occurring in a particular area. They are acclimated to its climate, insects, diseases and changing weather patterns. Many of the shrubs offered at garden centers originate from Asia. 

Planning and planting a fall vegetable garden

Do you have leftover seeds from your spring planting? In an Oklahoma vegetable garden, fall is often a better and longer season than spring. Days grow shorter, and nights are cooler giving plants a respite from the heat.