Oklahoma Stories

Safety Miracles

Learn the life-altering experiences of lineworkers in the co-op family

Prepare Your Pet

Create an emergency plan that includes your animals

Digging Safely

Learn how to stay safe when beginning any digging project, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional

Stay safe with Lifetone HLAC Fire and Alarm Clock

Oklahoma-based company creates innovative alarm system with bed shaker.

The Will to Fight

Volunteer firefighters step up to save lives in Oklahoma’s rural communities.

Prairie Flavors

Berry Delicious

May means it’s berry season in Oklahoma! Whether you get your berries at a farmers’ market or pick fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries at one of the state’s many berry farms, this month’s recipes will help you make good use one of spring’s sweetest treats.

Firehouse Favorites

Besides helping people during fires and other life-threatening situations, firefighters also have a reputation for being good in the kitchen. This month’s recipes come to you via Corporal Chet Thompson, a firefighter for the Moore, Oklahoma, Fire Department and a member of Carroll Electric Cooperative Corporation in Arkansas. 

Campfire Cooking

Camp meals are a highlight of any camping trip—and somehow food tastes better when cooked outside. Try these dishes on your next outdoor adventure. Recipes can be cooked over a campfire, on a camp stove or indoors. Campfire cooking times may vary.

Dinner for Two

Camp meals are a highlight of any camping trip—and somehow food tastes better when cooked outside. Try these dishes on your next outdoor adventure. Recipes can be cooked over a campfire, on a camp stove or indoors. Campfire cooking times may vary.

Mouthwatering Mushrooms

This month’s recipes feature a produce item that’s always in season—mushrooms. Because of their meaty texture and their ability to enhance the flavors of other foods, mushrooms have been lauded for their “blendability.” 

Table Talk

Blue Spruce Gelato & Sorbet

Discover cool treats for many tastes in Stillwater, Oklahoma

White Dog Hill

At White Dog Hill in Clinton, Oklahoma, even better than a bark is a bite of one of the restaurant’s beautiful creations.

Crow Creek Market and Cafe

The Crow Creek Market and Cafe is popular with Crescent, Oklahoma, locals, but anyone can enjoy the quirky cafe’s fresh, homemade food.

The Hungry Horny Toad Station

A former gas station on historic Route 66 has found a new life refueling hungry travelers—and it’s quickly becoming a classic.

Hoboken Coffee Roasters

Hoboken Coffee Roasters is a highlight of downtown Guthrie. 

Powerful Living

Energy 101: Key Energy Industry Terms - Part III

When it comes to electricity usage, do you think about the habits you and your family may have that impact your energy consumption? 

A model for saving lives

Unique mobile demo helps first responders avoid electrocution.

Energy Trails: Lighting a path in Guatemala

A team of 15 volunteers will go to Guatemala to build powerlines to likely electrify two village communities.

Appreciating Our Lineworkers

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association recognizes the second Monday of every April as National Lineworker Appreciation Day. In joining the celebration, Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives wish to honor these unsung heroes who keep the lights on every day.

Congratulations, OKL!

OKL magazine wins co-op journalism award for second straight year 

Okie Snaps

Rural is beautiful

OKL Winner RibbonCongratulations to April photo contest ­winner Kellie Carter! The contest theme was “Rural Beauty!”

Rural Adventures

Annie explores an old barn surrounded by rural beauty. Submitted by Kimberly Wehba, member of Cimarron Electric Cooperative

Jet Sunset

This sunset near Jet makes a gorgeous backdrop for this barn in rural Oklahoma. Submitted by Catherine Fraser.

Day on the Farm

Just another day on the farm. Submitted by Medie Nunn, member of Oklahoma Electric Cooperative.

This Little Piggy

There’s nothing more beautiful than grandbabies. Submitted by Teresa Bacon, member of Rural Electric Cooperative.


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Guess Where

OKL Winner RibbonCongratulations to last month’s winner, Brian Ward! Last month’s photo was the First State Bank in Maramec, Oklahoma.

Me and My OKL

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Oklahoma Take 10

Our judges were impressed by Oklahoma Living readers’ talent and eye for beautiful shots across our state. Now, we are proud to share with you the top 10 submissions. Enjoy the winners of the 2017 contest! 

Okie Snaps

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Safety: a priority for electric co-ops

In the electric utility industry, the month of May has been designated “Electrical Safety Month.” While it is fitting to have a month set apart to reinforce this important message, maintaining a culture of safety is a priority for each of Oklahoma’s electric co-ops, every day of the year. 

The power of rural electrification

It is an honor to take on the position of OAEC board president for the coming year. The Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives (OAEC) has 30 member-systems across all of Oklahoma, reaching into parts of Texas, Arkansas and Kansas. 

Oklahoma Outside

Enchanting April

Oklahoma's nurseries are overflowing with annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees. OKL's Dee Nash helps you decide what to try in your garden.

New Year, New Plants from Seed

Get ideas for your next gardening project. 

Clean the air with indoor plants

An Oklahoma winter can lie heavy on our hearts. Days are shorter. The blowing wind and inhospitable weather never seem to end. People spend too much time indoors. What can help bring us out of a winter funk? Houseplants.

10 Steps to a Dreamy Cutting Garden

Growing a dedicated cutting garden sounds difficult, but it isn’t. In many ways, it’s similar to growing a vegetable garden, but instead of picking tomatoes, you gather cut flowers. For the last six years, in addition to my perennial and vegetable gardens, I’ve grown a flower garden simply for the pleasure of bringing blooms indoors.

Here are 10 steps from planning to harvest.

Five Unique Coneflowers to Know and Grow

My garden is a haven for pollinators like butterflies, native bees and hover flies. It’s also full of singing birds and crawling caterpillars, two creatures that go together like peanut butter and jelly.