Oklahoma Stories

Empowering Peanuts

Oklahoma families carry on heritage through fresh, locally grown peanuts both on the farm and in the kitchen

Get going: apps for travelers

A new year means new opportunities for adventure, both near and far. Of course, memorable trips don’t happen by chance. Making sure your travel plans go off without a hitch can take a little extra planning and preparation. Luckily, there’s a tech-savvy solution for all your travel worries. Check out these apps that will help take the stress out of your next getaway.

Oklahoma Mansions

Oklahoma has a number of homes that are anything but humble. A visit to these grand houses gives glimpses into the history of the state and some of its most interesting inhabitants.

Pie in the Sky

Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies serves up buttery, flaky sensation

Home Away from Home

Bed and breakfast owners share the joy of country living

Prairie Flavors

Campfire Cooking

Camp meals are a highlight of any camping trip—and somehow food tastes better when cooked outside. Try these dishes on your next outdoor adventure. Recipes can be cooked over a campfire, on a camp stove or indoors. Campfire cooking times may vary.

Dinner for Two

Camp meals are a highlight of any camping trip—and somehow food tastes better when cooked outside. Try these dishes on your next outdoor adventure. Recipes can be cooked over a campfire, on a camp stove or indoors. Campfire cooking times may vary.

Mouthwatering Mushrooms

This month’s recipes feature a produce item that’s always in season—mushrooms. Because of their meaty texture and their ability to enhance the flavors of other foods, mushrooms have been lauded for their “blendability.” 

Best Holiday Reader Recipes

This month, we reveal the winners of OKL’s Best Holiday Reader Recipes! 

Bountiful Harvests

Since the first Thanksgiving, corn has been a staple dish in the annual feast. It’s the basis of favorites like cornbread stuffing, creamed corn and corn pudding. 

Table Talk

White Dog Hill

At White Dog Hill in Clinton, Oklahoma, even better than a bark is a bite of one of the restaurant’s beautiful creations.

Crow Creek Market and Cafe

The Crow Creek Market and Cafe is popular with Crescent, Oklahoma, locals, but anyone can enjoy the quirky cafe’s fresh, homemade food.

The Hungry Horny Toad Station

A former gas station on historic Route 66 has found a new life refueling hungry travelers—and it’s quickly becoming a classic.

Hoboken Coffee Roasters

Hoboken Coffee Roasters is a highlight of downtown Guthrie. 

Cafe Bahnhof

Find a taste of Germany in Waynoka, Okla.

Powerful Living

Appreciating Our Lineworkers

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association recognizes the second Monday of every April as National Lineworker Appreciation Day. In joining the celebration, Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives wish to honor these unsung heroes who keep the lights on every day.

In Memoriam

The Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives remember two individuals who will have a lasting impact on the electric co-op community

OKL celebrates 70 years serving electric co-op members

Oklahoma Living magazine just wrapped up 70 years of serving electric co-op members and is ready for the future.

The Cyber Wars

Learn how co-ops are strengthening cybersecurity

Energy 101: Key Energy Industry Terms

What is a kilowatt-hour? What are renewable energy sources? And what exactly is the power grid? In this ‘Energy 101’ series, our goal is to help you better understand energy terms that power your daily tasks.

Okie Snaps

Happiest Selfie on Earth

OKL Winner RibbonCongratulations to February's photo contest ­winner Terry Henderson! The contest theme was “Unique Selfies!”

Horsing Around

Sign is making sure his owner is measuring feed out right. Submitted by Kellie Carter, member of Oklahoma Electric Cooperative

Weekend Getaway

The Londons are enjoying a weekend getaway from the kids in Eureka Springs. Submitted by Eric London, member of Central Electric Cooperative.

Say Cheese!

Say cheese! Submitted by Sherilyn Mason, member of Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative.

Photo Bombers

This snap captures a selfie with two donkey photo bombers. Submitted by Renea Pinney.


Guess Where

OKL Winner RibbonCongratulations to last month’s winner, Hazel Bynum! Last month’s photo The February photo was the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church in Hartshorne, Oklahoma.

Me and My OKL

Send us a photo of you with your OKL for a chance to be published and win 25!

Join the fun on social media with the hashtag #myokl!

Best BBQ Recipe Contest

We’d love for you to share your dad's favorite BBQ recipe with us for a chance to be featured in an upcoming edition of Oklahoma Living.  

Oklahoma Take 10

Our judges were impressed by Oklahoma Living readers’ talent and eye for beautiful shots across our state. Now, we are proud to share with you the top 10 submissions. Enjoy the winners of the 2017 contest! 

Okie Snaps

Enter your photos for the following contests:

Silly Spring - Entries due by March 10

Rural Beauty - Entries due by April 10


Cold temps equal higher energy usage

Last October, the U.S. Energy Information Administration predicted winter heating costs to be higher this winter than the previous two winters.

Fuel diversity is key for co-ops

Every day, we enjoy the conveniences afforded to us by electricity. But have you ever thought about where your power comes from?

Oklahoma Outside

New Year, New Plants from Seed

Get ideas for your next gardening project. 

Clean the air with indoor plants

An Oklahoma winter can lie heavy on our hearts. Days are shorter. The blowing wind and inhospitable weather never seem to end. People spend too much time indoors. What can help bring us out of a winter funk? Houseplants.

10 Steps to a Dreamy Cutting Garden

Growing a dedicated cutting garden sounds difficult, but it isn’t. In many ways, it’s similar to growing a vegetable garden, but instead of picking tomatoes, you gather cut flowers. For the last six years, in addition to my perennial and vegetable gardens, I’ve grown a flower garden simply for the pleasure of bringing blooms indoors.

Here are 10 steps from planning to harvest.

Five Unique Coneflowers to Know and Grow

My garden is a haven for pollinators like butterflies, native bees and hover flies. It’s also full of singing birds and crawling caterpillars, two creatures that go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

Your Fall Garden Begins in the Spring

Crafting a beautiful fall garden begins in spring. What you plant in late April should carry you through to autumn even after a hot Oklahoma summer.