Oklahoma Stories

Take-along nutrition apps

Discover digital tools to help you stay on track when you're on the go

War Horses for Veterans

Equine therapy treatment programs aids veterans in Oklahoma

Oklahoma's Iconic Foods

Explore the signature foods that are unique to the Sooner State 

Community Gems

Students have rich educational opportunities at community colleges in Oklahoma

Fun on the Family Farm

Kenny Family Farm in Woodward offers fun pastimes for all ages

Prairie Flavors

Okie Food Favorites

Not being a native Okie, this month’s Prairie Flavors theme—Oklahoma foods—took a little extra research. I surveyed friends and family to figure out which iconic Oklahoma recipes to feature.

Baking with Kids

This month’s recipes were all prepared by kids who love to bake—ranging in age from 5 to 11. 

Pack a Picnic

Pack up these delights easily for a picnic in the park—just throw them in the cooler with some ice and enjoy! 

Delicious Beets

Vibrant, sweet and earthy, beets are a gift to Oklahomans during early summer months.

Going Green

Traditionally made with basil, pesto can be made with almost any edible green leaf or herb. Paired with whatever nuts or seeds and cheeses you have on hand, you can create your own version of pesto in minutes.

Table Talk

Farm to Fork

A one-of-a-kind destination restaurant offers Oklahomans a fresh experience

The Chicken Shack

In the backyard of the Deep Fork River, an unmarked shack is home to some of the best broasted chicken in Oklahoma. Without a sign, it feels like a secret hideout waiting to be discovered. Even the owner gives off an almost Capone-like vibe.  

Blue Spruce Gelato & Sorbet

Discover cool treats for many tastes in Stillwater, Oklahoma

White Dog Hill

At White Dog Hill in Clinton, Oklahoma, even better than a bark is a bite of one of the restaurant’s beautiful creations.

Crow Creek Market and Cafe

The Crow Creek Market and Cafe is popular with Crescent, Oklahoma, locals, but anyone can enjoy the quirky cafe’s fresh, homemade food.

Powerful Living

Renewable Energy Leader

Oklahoma’s Western Farmers Electric Cooperative plans largest combined wind, solar and energy storage facility in U.S. 

Campus Fire Safety

A lesson every college student should learn

SKIE Award Regional Winners Announced

The SKIE (Supporting K20 Innovative Educators) Award celebrates educators or teams of educators across the state who have demonstrated the ability to link student learning with the innovative use of technology and the K20 IDEALS. Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives are a proud sponsor of this award.

OK Youth Tour 2019

Local electric cooperatives chose 72 students to represent Oklahoma on this year’s Youth Tour experience to Washington, D.C.

OKL Wins National Awards

The Cooperative Communicators Association recently awarded your statewide publication 11 national awards. Congratulations to Oklahoma Living’s loyal contributors and staff for the dedication and excellence they put toward your OKL! 

Okie Snaps

Best Buds

OKL Winner RibbonCongratulations to September's Okie Snaps winner, Shannon Parker! Last month's theme was "Furry Friends."


Soaking up the Sun

This pup is having fun in the sun! Submitted by Rylee ODell, member of Oklahoma Electric Cooperative.

Feelin' Chicken

“Does my hair look okay?” Submitted by Nicky Macias, member of Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative.

Fun on the Farm

“Just another day at the farm!” Submitted by Emma Glasgow, member of Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative. 


Guess Where

Where was this historic photo taken? Last month's photo featured Hobart, Oklahoma.

Best Of OKL Contest

We need your help to find the BEST in Oklahoma!

Okie Snaps

Submit your photos by the 10th of each month and you could be featured in OKL!

Submit OK Take 10 Photos

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The Fabric of Communities

It’s that time of year: school has officially started in most communities throughout Oklahoma. Parents – and teachers – anxiously look forward to welcoming the start of each new school year, always with the promise of new learning opportunities for children of all ages. It’s a special time of year, filled with new beginnings for students, teachers, parents, even grandparents.

Co-ops Support a Mission of Light

The cooperative business model is strong in this blessed nation we call home, but its positive impact also transcends international borders. From its inception in the 1930s, the rural electric cooperative program has proven itself valuable.

Oklahoma Outside

7 Perennials to Beat the Summer Heat

Learn about various perennials to beat the Oklahoma summer heat 

Vines help you grow up!

Plant more vines and enjoy the process of growing up! 

Plant a Spring-Blooming Tree

Trees not only enhance the landscape, they also provide much-needed nectar for emerging pollinators.

Gifts for Gardeners

Winter is the season for giving, and no one needs a pick-me-up this time of year more than gardeners. Trust me, they are all itching to get their hands back into the soil.

Daylilies: the perfect perennial for Oklahoma gardens

Daylilies are one of the most forgiving perennials blooming in a hot Oklahoma summer.