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Always ready

April 2023

Electric cooperatives celebrate those who are always on call and always ready

You have likely seen your co-op’s electric crews working on lines and other electrical equipment in your community.  It’s no secret that a lineworker’s job is tough, but it is a job that is essential and must be done, often in challenging conditions. This month we celebrate Lineworker Appreciation Day on April 10.

While every staff member at the co-op is invaluable and appreciated, the day of a lineworker is not like the day of most other types of workers. It is not an eight-hour day.  It can be 24 hours a day. It is not Monday through Friday. It is 365 days a year.

Lineworkers must be committed to their career. It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Long hours and ever-present danger ranks being a lineworker in the top 10 hazardous jobs in the U.S.

Did you know that becoming a journeyman lineworker can take more than 7,000 hours of training? Working with high-voltage equipment requires specialized skills and experience.

Power outages do not care if it is a holiday or weekend. When there is a storm and most of us want to stay inside, lineworkers are putting on their boots and walking out into the weather, so we can enjoy all that electricity makes possible.

Lineworkers’ families also make sacrifices, giving up valuable time with their loved ones to the community.  Parents may have to miss Christmas Eve dinner or their children’s ballgame because of a power outage, or weekend activities may be put on hold due to a coming storm.

So, the next time you see a lineworker, thank them. Our power works because they do.

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