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Redesign Aims to Shine Brightly

By Hayley Leatherwood - Managing Editor OAEC April 2022

The 75th-anniversary milestone is often marked by a precious stone—the diamond. This gem does not appear in the world without effort. Heat, pressure, and natural events have to work together to create the perfect conditions for a diamond to form.

This year, Oklahoma Living is celebrating 75 years of serving as the cohesive voice of Oklahoma’s electric diamond, your staff puts energy into each area of your publication, from editorial content to paper quality, to ensure your magazine is a meaningful benefit to your cooperative membership.

The saying “progress is impossible without change” accurately reflects how we have evolved over the past seven decades. We make change thoughtfully to remain relevant and attractive to those we serve. To mark this anniversary, we have crafted a redesign of the publication that strives to be clear, creative, and engaging.

Oklahoma Living evolution over that past 75 years | May cover photo by Kaylene Large, member of Cotton Electric Cooperative

To prepare for this redesign, our staff scheduled focus groups at nine co-ops across the state. We sat down with readers like you and had genuine conversations about the content of the magazine as well as this redesign. Many of the changes included in your new pages are a direct result of these focus groups.

One of the greatest principles we learned from our time together is that your magazine builds a meaningful connection between you and your electric cooperative. Our new tagline, “Connecting Oklahoma’s Cooperative Communities,” is a celebration of this relationship.

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of your publication beginning with your May 2022 edition. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me by email or (405) 607-0167. It is our honor to serve you and for you to welcome the magazine into your homes each month. We will work to shine brilliantly for Oklahoma’s electric cooperative members for the next 75 years (and more) to come.

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