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Safely powering your life

January 2023

The electricity that powers our lives has become so commonplace that we can easily forget the importance of using it safely. No one makes electrical safety more of a priority than your local electric cooperative. Our goal is for each employee to return home safely to their family every night. 

Electricity is a powerful resource that makes many things possible in our lives, but it must be respected and not taken for granted. Your co-op places a maximum emphasis on safe working practices for the well-being of employees, the membership and the public.

Your board of directors and co-op leadership are challenged to keep employees and lineworkers focused on electrical safety. The OAEC Safety & Loss Control department provides safety visits, inspections, trainings and certifications to each of the member-systems. OAEC also provides intensive support throughout the NRECA Safety Achievement process, including the required safety improvement plan. In addition to the co-op electrical safety program, we always stay up to date with policies and procedures for our lineworkers completing jobs on the sides of roads and highways. 

 Education is the key to keeping electric co-op members and employees safe.  Upon request, your co-op can provide safety demonstrations for schools, youth groups, civic organizations and emergency personnel. If you have any safety questions or concerns, please contact your local electric co-op.


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