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Shinning the co-op spotlight

March 2023
Female co-op employee reading electric meter
Photo courtesy of OAEC photo archive

I have always loved this photo from our historic archives. In it, a woman confidently reads her electricity meter. Although I don’t know the specifics, when I look at her, I find myself imagining what her day may have been like. I think about all the conveniences we have now and the foundation her generation set for us to build upon. 

As we celebrate National Women’s Month, I want to recognize the significant role women play at your electric cooperative. From board directors to employees to consumer-members, women are an essential part of your electric co-op, driving growth, innovation and community building.

In rural areas, access to reliable and affordable electricity was not always guaranteed. Electric co-ops have built and maintained the infrastructure necessary to bring power to Oklahoma communities throughout the past 80-plus years. Men and women together have played a vital role in this effort, managing leadership positions and working to educate their neighbors on the benefits of electrification.

This National Women’s Month, we are celebrating the achievements of women through the viewpoints of four current electric co-op employees (page 16). We are also empowering you with your own co-op membership to understand some of the complexities behind supply chain management (page 8) and how to use technology to save on your electric bill (page 14). 

At Oklahoma Living, we are proud to support the efforts of women in rural electric co-ops, and we look forward to continuing to bring their stories and achievements to light.

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