President's Message

Strength in Numbers

July 2022

Members, you have a voice and your leaders are listening

Oklahoma state capitol at dusk

Our ability to serve you and your community is heavily dependent on members like you. Consumer-owners who stand together form the backbone of a powerful grassroots network that promotes policies to secure the future of your local electric cooperatives and the families they serve. 

Cooperatives saw a need to empower communities more than 80 years ago, and they answered that call with life-changing electrification. Today, co-ops continue to serve their communities in diverse ways to ensure rural Oklahomans have access to the life they deserve. Co-ops are committed to providing safe, affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible power to every member at the end of the line. 

In order to continue our mission, co-ops must have a presence at the federal and state political level. Recently, the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives and the Cooperative Broadband Coalition recognized the following elected officials with a non-monetary award for their service in making a positive impact on Oklahoma’s rural electric co-op consumer-owners: 

  • Sen. James Leewright: Rural Broadband Legislative Award 
  • Rep. Logan Phillips: Rural Broadband Legislative Award 
  • Rep. Carl Newton: Legislative Leadership Award 
  • Sen. Darcy Jech: Legislative Leadership Award 

I encourage you to reach out to these elected officials to say “thank you” for their leadership. As always, please contact your local board leadership to learn how you can best make your voice heard. 


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