General Manager's Message

The pursuit of continuous learning

August 2023

As the summer days fade, students across the state will hear the school bells ring and the classrooms will come alive again. A new academic year is a time of fresh beginnings and boundless potential.

This time of year always reminds me of the leaders at your local electric co-op and their commitment to continual learning and improvement. By embracing a culture of education, electric co-ops can enhance their service offerings, strengthen member relationships and pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

To ensure long-term success, electric co-ops must foster a culture of learning. Through encouraging employees to pursue ongoing education and professional development, co-ops can cultivate a workforce that is well-equipped to tackle emerging challenges and leverage new technologies. Continuous learning should encompass various aspects, including advancements in renewable energy, grid modernization, cybersecurity and customer service best practices. Keeping pace with industry trends helps co-ops position themselves as leaders and deliver superior service to their members.

Collaboration among electric co-ops is crucial for knowledge sharing and continuous improvement. Participation in industry associations, conferences and forums allow co-ops to exchange ideas, learn from each other’s experiences and collectively address common challenges. Collaborative initiatives can also foster economies of scale, allowing co-ops to invest in advanced infrastructure and research and development, thereby benefiting all members.

Similarly, co-ops strive to create an inclusive environment that encourages open communication and collaboration with you, the member. Annual meetings, surveys and focus groups can provide your co-op valuable insights into your needs and concerns. Co-ops listen attentively and incorporate member feedback in order to tailor co-op services to better meet the specific requirements of their communities. I encourage you to build relationships with your local board of directors.

Electric co-ops have a proud history of serving their members’ electricity needs while empowering local communities. Electric co-ops can forge a path toward superior member service by adopting a mindset of continual learning, engaging with members and collaborating with peers. Additionally, by fostering a culture of innovation, leveraging technology and promoting sustainability, co-ops can contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future.  Together, let us lead the charge toward a brighter tomorrow.

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