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‘Weather’ you like it or not

March 2023
Cattle gathered along fenceline

Old fashioned weather prediction tips have always intrigued me. Now that I’m all grown up and live on a farm, I’m too far away from town to hear tornado sirens. I can access information on my smartphone, but it’s not always accurate. 

Modern technology is incredible, but historic folklore has its value, too. I find myself reminiscing on looking to the sky, paying attention to how the air feels and noticing how my animals were acting. Nature gives us many signs and I would like to share a few of my favorites with you.  

  • When cattle gather in one corner of the pasture, you know weather is coming. The closer they bunch, the worse the storm.
  • When the mesquite trees start to sprout, there will be no more hard freezes. That’s a rule I still follow in planting my own garden.
  • When the weatherman says bad weather is coming, I park my truck under cover and the storm passes us by.

You may not always be able to predict the weather, but one thing you can count on, come rain or shine, is your cooperative lineworkers are always ready to serve you. They are prepared to leave the comfort of their home to safely and responsibly restore power to your household.

From my co-op family to yours, I hope you have a safe and wonderful spring.

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