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Oklahoma Living Magazine
P.O. Box 54309
OKlahoma City, OK 73154-1309
405.478.1455 Phone
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Staff Listing

Chris Meyers

OAEC General Manager

Email: cmeyers@oaec.coop

Anna Politano

Director of PR & Communications, OKL Publisher

Email: apolitano@oaec.coop

Hayley Leatherwood

Managing Editor

Email: hleatherwood@okl.coop 

Macey Turley

Advertising Manager

Email: mturley@okl.coop

Kirbi Mills

Director of Administrative Services

Email: kmills@oaec.coop

Hillary Barrow

Administrative Services Assistant

Email: hbarrow@oaec.coop

Lance Shaw

Multimedia Specialist

Email: lshaw@okl.coop

Carli Eubank

Editorial Intern

Email: intern@okl.coop