Okie Snaps

Each month, Oklahoma Living magazine holds a themed reader-submitted photo contest. Themes are decided in advanced so you are able to plan or search for what could be a winning photo to share with our readers. The top submissions are chosen to be featured in the “Reader’s Favorites” contest, then it’s up to you, the readers, to vote for your favorite. Winning photo receives a prize and is published, along with top finalist, in our monthly Okie Snaps section of the magazine.

Contest closes on the 10th and voting opens on the 11th of each month. Visit our submission page to submit and view upcoming themes. Best of luck!

Current theme: Summer harvest

Spring time is coming to an end and hopefully you were able to get those summer gardens planted to soon harvest your summer bounty. It’s early for this year’s crop so let’s see the fruits of past “summer harvests.” Photos must be submitted by June 10 for consideration in our “Reader’s Favorite” contest.

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Voting has CLOSED!

Thank you to all those who submitted photos and vote in this month’s Okie Snaps contest “kids and critters!” Check back on June 1 to see who our Reader’s Favorite is!