Okie Snaps Winners

Kids and critters

Photo Contest Winners | June 2023

Reader's Favorite
Feelin’ Froggy
Rebecca Duffy
Alfalfa Electric
Nap time my friend..
Maria Mondragon-Evans
Northwestern Electric
Farm Boy
Rock Philippi
East Central Electric
The Day Star was Born
Kellie Capps
Verdigris Valley Electric

2023 Winners Archive

May 2023

Wild weather

Photo Contest Winners | May 2023

Reader's Favorite
Beauty Before the Beast
Sherri Gamble
Northfork Electric
Clouds roll across Wagoner County
Gena Parsons
Lake Region Electric
Frost Flower
Melba Wegert
Cookson Hills Electric
Storm clouds brewing
Laura Walters
Indian Electric
April 2023

Morning Dew

Photo Contest Winners | April 2023

Reader's Favorite
Jaden Chibarirwe
Natures Morning Drink
Olivia McAlister
Red River Valley Rural Electric
Off to work in the Vineyard.
Deone Fisher
Cimarron Electric
Spin A Web
Nikki Hendricks
Canadian Valley Electric
March 2023

Everything green

Photo Contest Winners | March 2023

Reader's Favorite
Oklahoma life
Holly Lackey
East Central Electric
Reflections of green
Brenda Sorrells
Choctaw Electric
Having lunch with a friend
Debra Wheeler
Northeast Oklahoma Electric
Lucky green bug
Laura Walters
Indian Electric
February 2023

Sweets and eats

Photo Contest Winners | February 2023

Reader's Favorite
The Sweetie And Her Sweets
Steve Spradlin
Indian Electric
You are mine.
Emma Armstrong
Alfalfa Electric
Buon San Valentino
Dana Tomlinson
Tri-County Electric
The perfect pastry😍
John Burns
Indian Electric
January 2023

Winter Wildlife

Photo Contest Winners | January 2023

Reader's Favorite
Back away from the sunflower seeds.
Sherry Huff
East Central Electric
Icy Earrings
Charla Hutchison
Southeastern Electric
Four Bluebirds of Happiness
Kathleen Fitzgerald
Oklahoma Electric
I'm not a fan of winter either
Laura Walters
Indian Electric