Our Publisher

Oklahoma Living magazine is published by the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives. Established in 1948, the magazine was created to serve as a voice for Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives and serve as an informational tool to co-op members across the state and surrounding areas. Oklahoma Living is a benefit to co-op members.

The Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives (OAEC) is a statewide association created and voluntarily supported by local electric distribution and generation & transmission cooperatives. OAEC is comprised of 30 member systems: 27 distribution electric cooperatives (two of which are headquartered in Arkansas) and 3 generation & transmission electric cooperatives (one of which is headquartered in Texas).

Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives are not-for-profit utilities that bring power to more than 523,000 Oklahomans plus over 125,000 consumers in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Texas. Oklahoma co-ops serve 93% of Oklahoma’s landmass, providing service in all of Oklahoma’s 77 counties.

Electric co-ops are owned by the people they serve. Member-elected boards represent the interests of the membership and set policy and procedures for the co-op. Cooperatives serve members instead of shareholders. They distribute and sell energy to members at cost and invest excess revenues back into the electric system or distribute excess revenue to consumers in the form of patronage capital. Electric co-ops work to improve the quality of life in rural and suburban communities through the delivery of safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy as well as efforts in education and community development.