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Holiday Gifts for Gardeners

The holidays are soon upon us, and it’s time to think about what to get for the gardener in your life. 

Holiday Gifts for Gardeners

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Who is that gardener? Whether he or she has indoor plants on a window sill, grows an acre or two like me, or grows a waxed amaryllis bulb, that person is a gardener. In other words, everyone gardens. 

Let’s start with our indoor plant enthusiast. The houseplant revolution is here. All of my adult children are in love with tropical houseplants. I too started gardening with houseplants so I understand their excitement. In the middle of winter, houseplants clean the air, but they also need nurturing, and Terrain carries the mini indoor tool set to pamper them. The Haws Watering Can + Mister Houseplant set is also a useful gift. 

For your family member who has always wanted a greenhouse, why not buy them a greenhouse ornament instead? Kurt Adler Noble Gems makes a small greenhouse just the right size to hang in a window or on the Christmas tree. Gardener’s Supply Company also has a blown glass greenhouse ornament with little vines growing up the side. For the butterfly watcher, Old World Christmas Ornaments makes a blown glass Monarch butterfly too. You can find all of these online. 

For the gardener who has everything Fisher Blacksmithing Tools makes the crème de la crème of gardening tools. Each tool is handmade in Bozeman, Montana, by traditional blacksmith Tuli Fisher. I’m especially fond of the planting trowel with its hand-turned black walnut handle. I know it’s pricey, but it is a piece of art. If you like tools that are classically styled, but not quite so expensive, check out Burgeon and Ball. I own many of their tools, and I can attest to their quality workmanship. They also carry a full line of indoor plant pots and vases. 

Art in the garden is always appreciated, and Fish in the Garden makes fish to swim through low-growing plants. Their website has blue koi, small cobalt blue fish and even metal fish that look natural in a garden setting. For people who love water gardens, these would be ideal. Not into fish? How about metal birds? Metal Bird creates beautifully rendered fowl of all types. Crows, bald eagles and cardinals are all featured and made in the United States. These would be a beautiful gift for the bird watcher or gardener in your life. 

My mom now resides in an assisted living center, so she can no longer container garden outside. For the last few years, I’ve bought her an amaryllis bulb, already planted, or one encased in wax. Yes, waxed amaryllis bulbs actually exist, and they grow really well with minimal care. You could also buy three months of a plant-of-the-month club. Mom loves these in the winter when skies are gray, and with a little help, they are easy to grow. 

We all appreciate honey bees and good local honey. Although not technically a gardening gift, local honey helps save pollinators in your area, and keeps beekeepers keeping. Why am I excited about honey? Well, I became a beekeeper last year, and it’s opened my eyes even more to these little pollinators’ plight. If a jar of honey doesn’t seem like enough, you could also bake some bread from local wheat purchased at a co-op or through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Or, buy a bread mix at your farmer’s market and put that in a basket with the honey and maybe some local butter. Sure sounds sweet doesn’t it?

Whatever gifts you choose, I hope these suggestions help. For my part, I would be happy with one of each. OKL Article End