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5 Apps to Manage Your Financial Future

Discover our list of tech tools to help you stop stressing and start planning.

5 Apps to Manage Your Financial Future

There’s no “one-size fits all” solution to financial planning. Every family has different goals and challenges when it comes to their money. Whether you’re hoping to buy a house, trying to pay off debt, or just maintaining a comfortable lifestyle each month, financial experts say sticking to a budget is the best way to achieve this. Despite this, many people balk at the idea, expecting it to be too difficult or restrictive. 

Perhaps that was once the case, but technology has greatly streamlined the whole process. Not only can you finally set some firm goals, but now you’ll have the tools you need to reach them right in your pocket. Here are five apps to help make your financial goals a reality. 

Fudget | http://www.fudget.com/ 

For those looking for an easy-to-use solution that doesn’t require access to your personal accounts, Fudget is a great place to start. While it lacks the bells and whistles of some of the more popular apps, the simple interface makes it easy to jump right in and start tracking your money. Since it doesn’t connect to your bank, you’ll have to add all income and payments yourself which is a good way of keeping an overview of where and when you’re spending the most. You can even add a star to a budget item to carry it over to the next month—very helpful for keeping up with payments or other recurring charges. 

Honeyfi | http://www.honeyfi.com/ 

Couples who plan finances together meet financial goals together. Yes, it sounds cheesy, but that doesn’t make it less true. Honeyfi lets couples set a common savings goal and work together to achieve it. This is a great app for families who are saving up for something special, or anyone who wants an easy way to share spending habits with their spouse. No more guessing at charges on the bank statement at the end of the month; instead you’ll be able to add notes and tag exactly who spent what, and where. It’s the best app for getting everyone on the same spending page. 

Dollarbird | https://dollarbird.co/ 

If you’re looking for more flexibility in your budget then Dollarbird is a good choice. Instead of setting spending limits by categories, this calendar-based app makes it easy to see upcoming expenses and plan accordingly. Rather than setting strict budget restrictions, this app is about providing a clear overview and mapping your progress over time. Another benefit of the calendar-based approach is the “Projected Balance” feature. This lets you tap on an upcoming date and see how much cash you should have available on that day based on your current spending habits and planned expenses. It’s like the crystal ball of spreadsheets. 

YNAB | https://www.youneedabudget.com 

YNAB, short for “You Need A Budget” is the app for people who need more than a way to track their expenses. Instead of only logging transactions, you’ll get a crash course in making every dollar count so you can meet all of your financial responsibilities with a little breathing room built in. While the app can’t give you more money, it can help you make sure you have a solid plan for how you’re spending what you do have so you’re never caught off-guard by sudden expenses. It’ll take some time and dedication, but YNAB is one of the most popular budgeting apps for a reason—it works. 

Mint | https://www.mint.com 

Need a comprehensive all-in-one planning, budgeting and saving app? Mint lets you connect all of your online accounts in one place. When you log into your dashboard you’ll see all of your income and expenses clearly laid out so you can start setting your own financial goals. Since the information is pulled directly from your personal accounts there’s no need to manually input every transaction. Notifications and alerts keep you on top of upcoming bills so you’ll never have to worry about being late on a payment. You’ll even get budgeting tips tailored to your individual spending habits to make meeting your goals that much easier. OKL Article End