Brain Building Apps

Education apps to help keep you learning

Brain Building Apps


As summer slowly winds down, parents (and even some students) rejoice at the prospect of a new school year. Fall finally gives children a chance to shake off the haze of summer and put their brains back to work. Of course your K-12 family members aren’t the only ones who benefit from additional brain training. Studies have shown that ongoing education helps your brain continue operating at peak condition throughout your lifetime. Here are some apps to help keep the whole family learning all year long. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an excellent resource that covers a wide range of subjects. The app offers Common Core-aligned practice exercises and instructional videos over everything from elementary math to college test prep. Parents can even create a ‘coach’ dashboard for their children to personalize and track their learning progress. If you want to brush up on your microeconomics or have always wanted to try your hand at electrical engineering, Khan Academy has a course for you. The best part? It’s all free. 


Of course, not every student is overly enthusiastic about learning. Some require a little more coaxing to convince them that things like math, reading and writing can actually be pretty fun. For your more reluctant learners (or even those who just enjoy games), Sumdog could be the answer. Students can register on the Sumdog website then download the free mobile app. From there they have access to several free multiplayer games, progress rewards and avatar customization. There is an optional premium service which unlocks more games and content. It might be worth the fee if this is the app that finally gets your kids excited about math. 


Studying and memorizing a host of subjects can be daunting. That’s where Quizlet comes in. This simple online learning tool lets students and teachers create their own flashcards or access pre-made sets from the Quizlet community. The app will use your personalized flashcards and test deadline to build an adaptive plan that charts your progress. You can even use it to set helpful study reminders and motivational checkpoints to keep you on track. Quizlet does offer a paid upgrade that gives you the option to add images to your flashcards, but for most content the standard cards are more than enough to get you ready for your next big test. 


If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to remember something you know you already know, then it might be time to try out a cognitive training app. Elevate offers more than 40 brain games designed to improve critical skills like focus, memory and comprehension. Think of it as a fitness app for your brain. The app offers detailed performance tracking to help zero in on the skills you struggle with the most while the adaptive difficulty keeps things challenging. This is one game you don’t have to feel guilty about spending time on during the workday. Reach for it anytime you’re up for a fun mental challenge or cognitive boost. 


All these apps are fine for learning and retaining general information, but are you looking to expand your horizons? What better way than through learning a new language? DuoLingo makes learning a language fun and accessible with their free app. Each lesson utilizes a variety of speaking, listening, translation and multiple-choice challenges to give you a full grasp of the vocabulary. No matter how you learn best, DuoLingo can offer you an effective language learning system with plenty of research to back it up. It doesn’t hurt that the lessons are quick and fun with game elements thrown in to keep you coming back for more. Comienza a aprender! OKL Article End