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Cultivating Kindness, One Window at a Time

Cultivating Kindness, One Window at a Time


As a global pandemic continues to evolve, our current reality may feel a lot like that of a science fiction novel, but Oklahomans are fostering resilience and coming together to shine light into the darkest hallways of uncertainty. 

Small business owner James Kimberlin, a Kiamichi Electric Cooperative member for the last 11 years and resident of Poteau saw nothing but decline in his window-washing business, Best Window Cleaners, once the COVID-19 outbreak hit Oklahoma. However, this unexpected situation has not stopped him from providing for his community the best way he knows how. 

“It was difficult for me to become a non-essential person overnight. But the Lord showed me that I am an essential person in the Kingdom of God,”  Kimberlin said.“I was talking to Karen Wages, the CEO of the Poteau Chamber of Commerce where I am a member, and I said I would like to make this positive. Instead of being bored at home, let’s do something to give back to the community!” 

Kimberlin and Wages came up with a plan for him to wash windows of the restaurants that had remained open for curbside pickup, as these establishments would still go through difficult economic times and tighter budgets.  

“Here at Poteau Chamber of Commerce, members always take care of members” Wages said. 

  With his supplies in hand and one goal in mind, James set off on his mission.

“I went down the street and said ‘Okay people, I am here to bless you all today with a free window cleaning because I am bored and I want to do something besides sitting at home,’ so I washed the windows of the restaurants that who would let me,” Kimberlin explained. 

Kimberlin has now given his services to over a dozen establishments in Poteau. 

John Chester, shift supervisor at The Coffee Cup, remembers the day James came to wash their windows, “I guess he was just feeling charitable, what he did brought a smile to everyone here,” Chester said.

 “Our motto here at Best Window Cleaners is “CLEARLY, you can see we’re the best,” and I have to live up to that every day,” Kimberlin said.  

Kimberlin said he has enjoyed this project so much, he plans to extend his efforts into the restaurants in Van Buren, Ark. another stop in his usual route.  

When times are especially tough and the fear of what is to come hangs around like a thick fog, people like James Kimberlin are the glue that hold a community together, cultivating kindness – one window at a time. OKL Article End