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Fun on the Family Farm

Kenny Family Farm in Woodward offers fun pastimes for all ages

Fun on the Family Farm

Kenny Farms is open every fall from early October to early November. Photos by Jenna Mazzoccoli

At Kenny Farms, visitors are greeted with a warm welcome. Rest assured, a fall day spent at Kenny Farms with animals, family, and friends will be a day to remember.

Jennica Kenny, a Northwestern Electric Cooperative member, has had a passion for farm life from a young age. As an FFA member in high school, she focused her attention on agritourism.

“I always thought it would be neat to have some kind of agritourism venture myself,” she said. “So when my in-laws had the same idea, things happened pretty quickly.”

They started off small, planning a birthday bash for their daughter that incorporated the ‘fall fun’ theme. Hay bales, a pumpkin patch, and animals filled the pasture of their farm. After the party was a huge hit, they took it to the next level. 

In 2016, the family opened their Woodward farm to the public.

“Our first year was a tester. We thought it would be fun,” she said. “Let’s let people experience the country and farm life in a safe, family friendly environment. We didn’t know how people would like it. But that year went much better than expected.”

Kenny Farms is entirely family run and a labor of love. The first year, they had no employees. Since then, they have expanded their small, trusted staff to a few people outside of the immediate family members.

“We want people to feel welcome and loved and have a place to come and make memories.” - Jennica Kenny

Jennica and her husband, Jeff, and his parents, Lori and Jeff have made significant additions to the property since 2016. There are new and exciting things to do at Kenny Farms: hay bales to run on, a corn pit to jump in, a party pavilion to throw events in, sizable tubes to slide down, animals to ride, pumpkins to pick, faces to be painted and fun to be had.

“We have invested a lot in this property and the experience, but it’s not about the money for us,” Jennica Kenny said. “We want people to feel welcome and loved and have a place to come and make memories.”

Their faith in Christ has an impact on their mission and it is felt in the way they serve and how they give back.

“We are believers and everything we do is so we can show God’s light through us. We do that by opening our gates and being hospitable to others,” Jennica Kenny said.

The Kennys look for ways to support their community whether by volunteering their time or opening their gates for a special reason. Lori is a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children who are between foster care and DHS. Last year, Kenny Farms held an event for foster families.

“We hope to hold this event next year,” Jennica Kenny said. “It was neat for the families to have the run of the farm for the day. I think it makes them feel special.”

“The foster kids I help were part of the reason I wanted to open Kenny Farms,” Lori Kenny said. “Some of the foster kids have never experienced farm life and I wanted to give them that experience.”

“We really stick to the ag theme. Kids can go play anywhere, but we feel it’s important for kids to truly experience agriculture and farm life here in Oklahoma. There’s also not much you can do at Kenny Farms that is wrong,” Jennica Kenny added. “We want to give kids a place to run and play and enjoy themselves.” 

For the Kennys, it is all about faith, family, and friends. They are constantly looking for ways to improve the farm, elevate their service, and have people leave feeling even better than when they walked in. It wouldn’t be fall without a trip to Kenny Farms. They are open every fall from early October to early November. For more information on how to experience ag life and fall fun at Kenny Farms, visit at https://www.kennyfarms.com/.  OKL Article End