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Gadgets and Gizmos

Cool presents for the tech lovers in your life

Gadgets and Gizmos

From entertainment to enrichment, technology just makes things better. All the more reason to break out of the gift card rut and get the techies on your shopping list something cutting-edge cool they’ll really love. No worries if you’re not particularly tech savvy yourself, we’ve got a few suggestions that are sure to stand out at your next gift exchange. 

DroneX Pro | https://www.dronexstore.com 

Take to the skies with the most beginner friendly drone on the market. The DroneX Pro is lightweight and speedy, without the high price tag of most quality drones. It comes with its own built-in camera able to take pictures, record video, and capture insane panoramic sky shots with the push of a button. While its performance rivals most professional grade drones, DroneX stands out by offering some seriously impressive sensors. It can detect the ground and other obstacles and course correct on its own. Coupled with propellers that can fold inward for safer transport, this is hands down the best starter drone for any age group. 

Mozbii ColorPillar | http://colorpillar.mystrikingly.com/ 

For the artist on your list, the ColorPillar is a digital drawing marvel. Touted as the world’s first color capturing stylus pen, with just a press of a button it can pick up colors from any object it touches. The perfect shade is then transferred via Bluetooth right to the phone or tablet screen in seconds. No more searching countless swatches for the perfect color. This stylus puts up to 65,000 color variations within reach. The kit even comes with a selection of swappable stylus nibs that better imitate the feel of traditional art gear. 

FIXD | https://getfixd.io

There’s one in every family: the DIY-type who adamantly refuses to go to an overpriced mechanic just to find out why the car’s check engine light has been flashing for months. Turns out there actually is a better way. FIXD easily plugs into any car (1996 or newer) and pairs with an app to decode what’s really going on under the hood. The sensor will remotely monitor and send notifications any time it detects a problem or upcoming maintenance. The app even allows for multiple sensors to feed into one account so it can monitor every car in the garage remotely. 

XY4+ | https://xyfindit.com/xy4/ 

Don’t let the bizarre name throw you off, the XY4+ is the ultimate solution for keeping track of anything, anywhere. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who’s ever misplaced something—so pretty much everyone. Just attach the finder tag to anything you don’t want to lose and, that’s it. Next time you can’t find it just open the app and follow the chime. XY4+ has twice the range of similar tracking tags with more volume and battery life to make sure lost items get found fast. There’s really no better gift than peace of mind, which is exactly what this gizmo offers. 

TikiTunes | https://limitlessinnovations.com/product/tikitunes/ 

Now that we’ve got a few practical ideas out of the way, how about something just for fun? TikiTunes are wireless Bluetooth speakers with a twist. Built to resemble a flickering tiki torch, the speakers come with programmable faux flames to light up the night. Any wireless compatible device can broadcast over up to two connected TikiTunes for true stereo-like surround sound as the LED flames flicker in time to the music. Perfect for entertaining or just a little extra evening ambiance. 

mBot | https://www.makeblock.com/steam-kits/mbot 

Ready to help train the next generation of tech gurus? MakeBlock’s mBot is an adorable introduction to STEAM skills. Kids assemble and program their own robot with step-by-step instructions and 3D building tutorials. Once built, mBot has three preset modes that allow it to avoid obstacles, follow drawn lines, or be remotely controlled through an app. The app also introduces coding skills by allowing kids to drag and drop command blocks to program how mBot behaves. Add-on packs let kids change up mbot’s appearance for an even more “personalized” personal robot. OKL Article End