Have Tech, Will Travel

Gadgets to take your adventures farther

Have Tech, Will Travel


Oklahoma has finally shaken off the last of winter’s icy grasp. That means it’s time to get back outside and start exploring again. With family vacations and outdoor excursions right around the corner, now is a great time to update your travel equipment. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons, or just break away from the ordinary, here are some fun travel gadgets that go beyond your typical planning apps. 



At first glance, VIZR might seem like a regular dashboard mount for your phone. Unlike other mounts, however, this one turns your phone screen into a heads-up display projected in front of the driver. This lets you safely keep an eye on your GPS navigation without ever having to look down at your phone. 

The VIZR comes with a free app that lets you easily check current traffic conditions, how fast you’re going, and local street maps—without ever having to take your eyes off the road. Not only does the display look cool, but it works with any phone in any vehicle. 



If you’re looking to really strike out off the beaten trail you should look into goTenna. This lightweight device pairs with your cell phone to keep you and your friends connected completely off the grid. Utilizing UHF radio frequencies, goTenna users can send messages and GPS locations to each other, even in areas without cell service or WiFi. 

This is a great device for keeping in contact with your group while out hiking or camping. It’s also great for international trips where using data is too costly to keep in contact with your fellow travelers. 

Epicka Travel Power Adapter


Of course, if your travels take you too far from home you’ll want an easy way to recharge all of your gadgets. This is where an Epicka Travel Adapter can really come in handy. Its multi function adapter is compatible in over 160 countries—basically anywhere that uses US/EU/AU/UK plugs. 

Even if you don’t intend to stray that far from home, the multiple built-in USB ports let you charge up to six devices at a time all from a single power outlet. No more awkwardly shoving hotel furniture aside while hunting for “one more” free outlet.

Karma Go


Does the idea of being on the go without WiFi fill you—or a family member—with dread? Check out the lightweight connectivity solution, Karma Go. At only 2.3 ounces this handy device offers you up to six hours of online battery life while supporting up to eight simultaneous connections. 

Karma converts cellular LTE connections found in over 460 U.S. cities into your own personal WiFi hotspot. The best part is that there is no contract, so you’re only paying for data when you need it. Go ahead and download another eBook, you deserve it. 

Hydro Flask


Not all gadgets run on electricity. The Hydro Flask relies entirely on double walled, vacuum insulated technology to improve your next excursion. Their TempShield™ design means that your cold drinks stay cold and your hot drinks stay hot, even when you’re far away from civilization.  

With no condensation or heat transfer to the outside of the container, your cold drinks can keep their chill for up to 24 hours—plenty of time to climb that mountain or take a walking tour through a new city. Heading for colder climates? Your hot drinks stay nice and steamy for up to six hours. That means no more lukewarm coffee on long drives. OKL Article End