Made in Oklahoma Gift Guide

While Christmas is about more than presents, many people enjoy the tradition of giving gifts to loved ones during the holiday season. If you have a long list of people to buy presents for, be assured that you can find unique, thoughtful gifts for your friends and family members—made right here in your home state.

Made in Oklahoma Gift Guide


By shopping locally, you will support other Oklahoma families and stimulate our state’s economy.

From custom home decor and jewelry, to outdoor experiences and hand-crafted knives, Oklahomans have many gifts to share with one another. Your loved ones will enjoy receiving these made-in-Oklahoma products this Christmas.


Oklahoma gift guide

5. Oklahoma Seasons Prints

The inspiration for Tulsa-based artist Evie Shaffer’s creations came from traveling across the United States in an RV. As she and her family jour.neyed more than 30,000 miles through 45 states, Shaffer and her sons collected unique items they discovered. 

The result was a collection of nature vignettes, made from the items found in each state they visited. Shaffer arranged them in a circle and photographed them. 

“Each state was so unique and beautiful. It was a way to explore the beauty of the places we visited and document our experience.”

Currently, Shaffer has prints available from 16 states. Her Oklahoma collection includes prints from each of the four seasons as well as an Oklahoma wildflowers print. 
Shaffer’s prints are available at or in West Elm stores in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

1. The Bearded Doe & Company

A herd of 25 goats and lots of goat’s milk led Central Electric Cooperative member Natalie Paige to create the Bearded Doe & Company. 

A friend sent Paige a recipe for goat’s milk soap, and she promptly turned out her first batch. After making some tweaks to the recipe, she has come up with a quality, hand-made line of soaps; she has since added lotions and lip products made from all-natural components. 

“I know where the ingredients come from, from start to finish,” Paige says.

Popular soap varieties include lemon-patchouli and lavender-chamomile. She uses pure essential oils for fragrance. Her peppermint lip balm is also a best-seller. 

For more information about Paige’s skin care products, visit She plans to open a farm store in Coyle, Oklahoma, in 2018. 

2. O is for Oklahoma

A perfect gift for Okie kids, the book “O is for Oklahoma” is an alpha.betic journey through the Sooner State. Each letter features a colorful photograph of Oklahoma. The text is written, in part, by kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County. As they read, children learn about the state’s places, animals and culture. The book is available at Barnes and Noble and in other local book shops.  

6. Pennington Creek Hunting Club

Situated on 9,400 acres near Mill Creek, Oklahoma, Pennington Creek Hunting Club offers hunting and fishing experiences—an ideal gift for the outdoor-enthusiast. The third-generation ranch, owned by Keith R. Gray, is served by People’s Electric Cooperative. 

Pennington Creek also offers Whitetail deer hunting, Rio Grande turkey hunting and bass fishing. Multi-day hunts include overnight accommodation.

“All hunts include smallmouth bass fishing in the afternoon on the 3 miles of Pennington Creek that runs across the ranch,” Pennington Creek manager Travis Singleton says. 

For more information, visit

3. Indigo Rose Design Co.

Those looking for unique, made-in-Oklahoma wall hangings may find what they’re looking for at Indigo Rose Design Co. Jackie White, a Tulsa, Oklahoma, resident, started making string art after discovering it on Pinterest. She was looking for a way to make extra money and opened an online shop where she learned that there was a demand for her custom, hand-made signs. 

Her popular state string art designs feature one or more states and can include calligraphy words.

“They make great holiday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts and are perfect for nurseries as well,” she says. 

For more information, visit

7. Reed’s Custom Cowboy Knives

What started as a hobby for Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative member, Scott Reed, quickly became a full-time knife-making enterprise. 

“I got the idea of using cow horn for my knife handles after my son bought a belt buckle made out of cow horn. Shortly thereafter, my son offered to create me a Facebook business page and the phone began to ring off the wall,” he says. 

Handcrafted in Locust Grove, Oklahoma, each knife—whether a switch.blade or a fixed blade—is crafted with the working cowboy in mind. The handle material is made from either elk or cow horn, and the grain and color that comes from these natural materials gives each knife unique character.

For more information about Reed’s Custom Cowboy Knives, visit

4. Viridian Coffee

Duncan, Oklahoma, residents and former Cotton Electric Cooperative members, Shay and Lindsay Hayes founded Viridian Coffee in January 2016. Their mission is to bring fresh, locally roasted coffee to southwest Oklahoma. 

“Drinking freshly roasted coffee is like eating from grandma’s garden. There’s an incredible difference between a can of vegetables and fresh vegetables,” Shay Hayes says. “Once you go fresh, you won’t go back.”

Viridian sells nine coffee blends, seven of which are 100 percent organ.ic; the others are 75 percent organic. A popular gift option is Viridian’s coffee subscription service—with fresh beans mailed to the recipient each month. Boxed sets of coffee and Viridian’s liquid raw sugar are another popular present.

Viridian Coffee is available online at or in the storefronts in Duncan and Lawton. They ship coffee across the United States, as well as to APO boxes.

8. by Robbi

For the jewelry lovers on your shopping list, by Robbi’s hand-made creations are a great gift or stocking stuffer. The colorful earrings are made to resemble druzy—a stone that has been broken and reveals a textured, prism-like sparkle. 

Owner Robbi Patton of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, says her business started by accident.
“I was exploring my creative side, learning to paint and making jewelry. I made a pair of faux druzy earrings and would constantly get asked where I got them,” she says. 

Her made-in-Oklahoma earrings come in a variety of sizes. One of her most popular gift items is her themed monthly subscription boxes. Each box comes with four pairs of earrings, a shirt and other surprises. To earrings, visit www.byrobbi.comOKL Article End

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