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Need help? Call 2-1-1

Get connected to resources in your community through easy-access system

Need help? Call 2-1-1


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Oklahoma Emergency Management (OEM) has activated the statewide 2-1-1 system to help Oklahomans get connected to resources and services at the local level. The program, 2-1-1 Oklahoma, is a sustainable, easy-access system for information and referral to community services for those who need help and those who provide help.

The services they can help connect citizens to depend on the local services available in your communities. The basic 2-1-1 services always connect citizens to support in their local communities, and there are additional capabilities for those who are isolated or quarantined for COVID-19.

Here are examples of 211 calls:

  • Local food and meal deliveries
  • Supply deliveries
  • Laundry services
  • Unemployment support
  • Mental health and crisis support
  • Health and human services support
  • Other non-emergency support

OEM will be working with 2-1-1 and unfilled requests to identify where local, tribal and state emergency managers can work together to source those needs.

If you have partners that can help 2-1-1 get citizens in contact with service providers contact OEM at 405-521-2481. OKL Article End