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Pocket-sized Preparedness

Apps to keep you safe on the go.

Pocket-sized Preparedness


Oklahomans know all too well how quickly severe weather can turn a regular day into a disaster. Between tornadoes, flash floods, wildfires and now earthquakes cropping up around the state, preparing for every emergency that can come your way gets pretty overwhelming. Fortunately, mobile apps have evolved right alongside the dangers, putting all the information you need to keep you and your family safe right at your fingertips. All apps presented here are available for both Apple iOS and Android devices unless otherwise noted.

American Red Cross Mobile Apps


There’s a reason the American Red Cross is trusted with the safety and preparedness of 77 Oklahoma counties. Nearly every day the organization responds to local disasters, providing care, comfort and assistance to families in need. They also offer a host of valuable life saving educational and training opportunities, including some available right from your mobile device.

Visiting the download link above will take you to the American Red Cross site where you can choose from a host of individual apps specifically tailored to your family’s needs. The apps provide everything from NOAA weather alerts to first aid advice for pets. If you’re having trouble deciding what you need you can always download the all-inclusive emergency app that lets you monitor more than 35 different severe weather and emergency alerts right from your phone. Never be caught off-guard by sudden severe weather again.

ICE Standard


If you or a loved one ever find yourself in need of medical assistance, it’s important to be able to share medical information quickly and accurately. ICE Standard app helps first responders and emergency room personnel locate important information about a person’s medical history right from their phone. This way you don’t have to worry about forgetting an important health condition or allergy in the heat of the moment. Some devices even support the app appearing on your phone’s lock screen so it’s immediately available in emergencies.

Both the Android and iTunes versions are free. The company also offers physical emergency cards for purchase through their website so you aren’t completely reliant on your phone if something happens.

St John Ambulance First Aid


Ideally, in an emergency there would be someone nearby with basic first aid knowledge. Thanks to the St John Ambulance First Aid app, next time it could be you. This app shows you know how to help in a range of common first aid scenarios. Everything from CPR and diabetic emergencies, to choking and allergic reactions is carefully explained through illustrated guides with verbal instructions.

A mobile app is no replacement for an actual first aid course or manual, but it can provide basic knowledge during the most crucial early moments of an emergency.

Flashlight Apps

Most smartphones have a built-in flashlight application, which may seem unnecessary until you find yourself scrambling around in the dark during an emergency. Let’s face it, not everyone carries a flashlight around, but most people always have their phones nearby. The built-in apps are fine, but both Apple and Android devices have better options available if you know where to look.

For iPhone, iPod and iPad


In addition to a SuperLED light this app also features an adjustable strobe mode, making it ideal for flagging down help during a roadside emergency. This particular app is only available on Apple devices.

For Android


Android users have their own alternative flashlight app in the Tiny Flashlight + LED. Simple to use, it offers a handful of unique customization options. Notably you are able to modify the brightness of the light for different situations. Strobe and blinking functions are offered through free plugins should you wish to add them. OKL Article End