Stay safe with Lifetone HLAC Fire and Alarm Clock

Oklahoma-based company creates innovative alarm system with bed shaker.

Stay safe with Lifetone HLAC Fire and Alarm Clock

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Lifetone HLAC Fire Alarm and Clock will alert you of a fire in four ways:

1. A loud, low-frequency alarm will alert you and help wake you.

2. A loud voice command will inform nearby sleepers of a fire, saying "Get out!"

3. The vibrating bed shaker physically alerts sleepers and shakes them awake.

4. The clock flashes "Fire!" using a bright light to wake nearby sleepers.

We all need a place where we feel safe.

For most of us, that place is our home, but accidents can happen that put us and our families in danger. An Oklahoma City-based company, Lifetone Technology, has stepped forward with an innovative device to keep you safe from house fires.

Most fires occur at night, making it easy for people to sleep through an alarm. Oklahoma has the second highest fire death rate in the United States per population, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. And when it comes to senior citizens, about 50 percent are more likely to sleep through the alerting sound of a regular smoke alarm. They, along with the deaf community and people with disabilities and limited mobility, need smoke alarms that tend to their specific needs.

That’s why Lifetone has partnered with Oklahoma State University’s Fire Protection Program (FPP) and Oklahoma ABLE Tech to address this problem by providing their HLAC Fire Alarm and Clock in homes throughout the state. When a smoke alarm goes off in any room in the home, the Lifetone HLAC emits a low-frequency alarm sound, followed by an audible command to “Get out!” and the word “Fire!” flashing brightly on the clock. Additionally, it comes with a powerful bed shaker that is installed under the mattress, which simultaneously shakes your bed while the low-frequency audio tone is emitted.

“The low frequency sound is a better way to wake anyone up, but the best way to wake someone up is with Lifetone’s intermittent bed shaker,” FPP Communications Specialist Nancy Trench said. “We have documented that the Lifetone HLAC has been able to save more than 20 people by alerting them to a fire in their home.”

When Trench came into the business, residential smoke alarms had just become available. Then, you had 12 to 17 minutes to get out of your home. However, due to open floor plans in new homes and flammability of modern furniture material, you may now have less than 3 minutes to escape from your home.

“People with disabilities or limited mobility need as early of an alert as possible,” Trench said. “It’s important for people to move quickly and get out, and Lifetone gives everyone the most time to escape. It’s life-changing technology for so many individuals and we are proud to be affiliated with Lifetone Technology.”

Oklahoma ABLE Tech Program Manager Milissa Gofourth is honored to partner with the local company, too, and hears from customers first-hand who are now more at peace in their homes with the alarm.

“There’s an overwhelmingly high satisfaction rate,” Gofourth said. “We often hear, ‘I feel so much safer now,’ and that’s why we’re here: to help educate Oklahomans about the dangers of home fires and how to protect themselves. Even one fire fatality is too many.”

Don’t get caught up in smoke: Join one of the many Oklahomans who are staying safe with the Lifetone HLAC Fire and Alarm Clock today.

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