Take-along nutrition apps

Discover digital tools to help you stay on track when you're on the go

Take-along nutrition apps

There are a ton of factors at play in determining how your body processes the food it’s given. Between all the talk of macro nutrients, good versus bad fats and ketosis, the prospect of eating right can be a bit overwhelming. For those of us who don’t happen to have an extra degree in food science lying around, here are some apps that make tracking and understanding your body’s needs a bit easier. 

My Fitness Pal www.myfitnesspal.com

This handy little app is an easy-to-use, comprehensive food tracker. The first step to understanding what you’re putting into your body is to start paying attention to what you eat. With just a few clicks and a barcode scan, you can enter any of over 300,000,000 items from the online food database for a look at your daily calorie intake. In addition, it tracks things like sodium and vitamin content. 

If your tracking needs are based on fitness goals or weight management, you can keep up with those here as well. It even syncs up to a host of other training apps to let you personalize the features you want. 

Shopwell www.innit.com/shopwell/

Time to stock the pantry with goodies that fit into your new healthy eating plans. Download and take along Shopwell to help you find the best products to fit your goals. Just fill in your personalized food profile, detailing what you want and what you’re trying to avoid before your next trip to the store. When you’re ready to shop, scan a product’s barcode to see if it’s a good match for you or get recommendations for better matches rated on a scale from 1 to 100. 

Wholesome App www.wholesomeapp.com/

Looking for a complete, healthy eating lifestyle change? Wholesome might be the perfect app. Rather than hyper-focusing exclusively on calorie counts, this app takes your full health into consideration. It tracks over 90 different types of nutrients, macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Your personalized food profile will help you set goals that meet USDA guidelines. 

If you’re missing any essential vitamins or nutrients in your diet you’ll even get whole food recommendations to help fill those gaps.

My Macros+ https://getmymacros.com/

Ready to get serious about hitting your macro nutrient targets? My Macros+ might be just what you’ve been looking for. This is a more intensive app for people with serious fitness goals or dietary needs. Here you can log your daily food intake, weight, and exercise. The app then gives you daily insights into how the foods you eat impact your goals. 

It will also show you helpful charts and graphs to track progress over time—all while giving you an in-depth look at every food, meal, and activity you log. 

Carb Manager www.carbmanager.com/

Oh Carbs, why are you so tasty, yet so fatty? If you’re trying to fill your diet with more nutrients and less filler, then Carb Manager can help. In addition to the usual massive food database, you also get access to personal meal plans and shopping lists. There is definitely a focus here on Keto recipes, but they offer options for all diet types—all while helping you kick your carb dependency. 

Eat This Much www.eatthismuch.com/

Still feeling confused about how to get the nutrients you need in your diet? This app breaks it down into the simplest terms. As the name implies, Eat This Much takes all the guesswork out of healthy eating. Just tell it what you’re hoping to accomplish (be that a specific diet or calorie intake) and let it calculate exactly what you should eat. 

The app even includes a virtual pantry so it can keep track of what foods you have at home and give priority to suggestions that include them. When it’s time to go shopping, you’ll get a list of exactly what you need to buy so there’s no more food waste. That means no more produce going bad because you were sure you’d find some way to use all that kale. OKL Article End