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Tech for Fitness Fanatics

This is a list of fitness gadgets that will make accomplishing your goals easier (or at least more enjoyable) for the long haul. 

Tech for Fitness Fanatics


Exercise is a key part of staying healthy, but it’s not always easy to stay committed to a fitness routine. There is a wealth of apps to help track and achieve goals, but the temptation to take it easy or skip a day is still lurking just around the corner. The list starts with the basic equipment everyone can appreciate and progresses to guru-level must-haves. 

SoundPEATS Engine Bluetooth Wireless Headphone - $32.99


Working out is better with music, but finding headphones that stay in place while you’re jogging can be frustrating. The SoundPEATS Engine Wireless Headphones come with a variety of C-shaped ear tips so you can find your perfect fit. Combined with their 13-hour battery life and a sweat-resistant nano-coating these are outstanding earbuds for almost any workout. They have a flexible neckband with a built-in control panel so you can adjust music volume and carry them with ease. 

A powerful built-in microphone even lets you make and receive calls, just in case you need a ride back home after your run. 

Hidrate Spark 3 - $54.99


Dehydration slowing you down? Good thing there’s a fun gadget to help you remember to get your daily intake of water with a cool light show. The Hidrate Spark 3 is a Bluetooth enabled water bottle. This might sound a little crazy, but since most popular fitness apps ask you to track your hydration levels now you have no excuse. An internal sensor tracks every sip and syncs it to whatever app you’re already using or its own Hidrate App. 

The bottles come with long-lasting, easy-to-replace batteries, so no need to constantly remember to recharge. The lids and bottle are dishwasher safe and BPA Free.

Fitbit Inspire - $69.95


Okay, you’ve finally found a fitness routine you can stick with. Now it’s time to settle in and start tracking your progress. If you’re looking for something with a host of great exercise trackers without the cost of a full smartwatch then the Inspire is the perfect fit. This slimmed-down version has an active touchscreen dashboard and all the monitoring programs you could need to keep track of your calories, exercise, and sleep. It can even display push notifications from your phone so you don’t miss a thing while you workout. 

Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor - $79.99


For the avid athlete who’s serious about tracking their metrics the Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor from Scosche is an even better investment. Its optical sensor technology makes it more accurate than some wrist-worn monitors while still being far more comfortable than the chest strap versions. The built-in Bluetooth lets you stream your data in real time to your choice of hundreds of compatible fitness apps. Added ANT+ tech will even connect to the computers in your treadmill or gym equipment. 

iHealth Core Smart Scale - $129.99


By now, science has proven that body weight isn’t the only measure of fitness. Knowing your body composition—your body’s unique percentages of fat, bone, water, and muscle—can help you make better daily choices to achieve your goals. The iHealth Core uses four sensors to determine nine different points of data through the bioimpedance method. All your information can be tracked and stored in the iHealth MyVitals App which provides easy-to-read charts to track your unique fitness journey. OKL Article End