Tiny Spaces for Business and Fun

Oklahomans looking to “go tiny” have a locally created option: shipping container spaces.

Tiny Spaces for Business and Fun

ModernBlox takes recycled shipping containers and transforms them into different types of spaces. Courtesy photo

Three Oklahoma State University students started a company that takes recycled shipping containers and transforms them into everything from tiny homes, to hunting lodges and commercial spaces. 

“In early 2015 a friend of mine from college, Ben Loh, contacted me and asked me if I wanted to build a container home. It sounded like a fun project,” says ModernBlox co-founder Lee Easton. “We spent every Saturday for the next four of five months getting together in Stillwater to work on the container home he had designed.” 

Loh, an aerospace engineer, and Easton, an electrical engineer, joined forces with Swapneel Deshpande, a chemical engineer, and the trio brought the design to life. 

“Part way through, we started putting pictures on Facebook. People took notice and we decided that it needed to be a business,” Easton says.  

From that, Tulsa-based ModernBlox was born. The business has gained traction as the company has received consulting and design work from across the U.S.—and even as far away as Puerto Rico, South Africa and India. 

Manufactured in Tulsa, the ModernBlox shipping container units range in size from 160 to 500 square feet. The well-insulated structures are energy efficient and sturdy enough to stand up to strong Oklahoma winds. The 8-by-45-foot HuntingBlox is designed with the Okie in mind, as a weekend retreat for the outdoor adventurer, while the 8-by-20-foot BarBlox makes for a streamlined retail space. 

“We have done a lot of unique, highly custom projects, but our hands-down favorite is the AutoBlox,” Easton says. 

Designed for a Tulsa car-enthusiast, the AutoBlox fashioned five side-by-side containers into an immaculate storage unit for an auto collection. Inside features a speckled paint shop finish on the floor, custom-painted walls lined with racing stripes, LED lighting overhead, and remote-controlled roll-up doors that make it easy to pull cars in and out. For more information, visit http://modernblox.comOKL Article End