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When a Brand Takes a Stand

One Oklahoma designer is changing wardrobes and changing the world for widows and orphans

When a Brand Takes a Stand

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In the early morning hours, before the first cup of coffee is made or sunlight streams through a frosted window, one of the first questions you ask yourself as the fog of sleep clears is, “What am I going to wear today?” 

For some, that choice is fun and plentiful. For others, the choice isn’t a luxury. Often, it’s a need that hasn’t been filled. 

WOGO (Widows & Orphans Getting Outfitted) in Ada, Oklahoma, offers a unique shopping experience. The streetwear inspired clothing store returns 15% of its sales back to support their mission of providing clothing for widows and orphaned children. 

“I want people to enjoy their time in the store, love the product and feel good about the gift their purchase provides,” Collin Quinn Low, owner, says. “Change your wardrobe, change the world.” 

Low is a designer, creator and entrepreneur. When creating the mission behind the WOGO brand, the Ada native knew he wanted it to be more than just clothes. From his past to his present, serving widows and orphans has always been a mission close to his heart. 

Low’s parents were youth pastors at his local church. He watched them actively care for kids, and he realized at a young age how fortunate he was to have a home and parents who loved him. 

Two brothers attended his church and the family noticed they had been absent for a few weeks. Upon investigation, the Lows discovered the pair had been removed from their home due to parental neglect. When Low was a teenager, the family decided they would take the brothers in and give them a new home and family. 

“I believe that this type of love; this type of giving is something that God sees a pure heart in,” Low says. “I felt in my heart attaching the mission of Matthew 28:19 and James 1:27 to the brand was exactly what I wanted to do.” 

The brand launched online in November 2017. Since then, WOGO has been able to establish a flagship store in Ada, an open-concept atmosphere Low envisions will be a community space to experience art and culture. 

Srijita Dia Ghosh, Ada Jobs Foundation entrepreneurship specialist, says Low was a well-deserving recipient of Ada’s Big Pitch competition for the Ada Jobs Foundation in 2018. 

“Collin has grown tremendously since winning The Big Pitch Ada competition in 2018 to establishing his retail store on Ada’s Main Street. Entrepreneurship is crucial to our community, and we are proud of Collin and his passion to inspire other entrepreneurs in the community,” Ghosh says. 

Each sale contributes to fund an “outfitting” for a widow or orphan in need. An outfitting is an all-out fun experience for both Low and the recipient. Low will get to know the person’s style, personality and needs and go shopping for them with a $150 budget. Low will even throw in a photoshoot of the recipient in their new clothes as well. 

WOGO’s first recipient was a young girl in foster care. Low and his wife Zena included a special purchase of a shirt with the girl’s name emblazoned on the front in gold foil. As she was walking out the door, Low overheard her tell her foster parent, “This was the best day ever.” 

That sense of wonder, the spark of hope WOGO patrons provide is never lost on Low. 

“I will always be excited about this,” Low says. “When we see how the outfitting makes people feel it always makes me emotional. It’s super awesome to be able to touch someone’s life.” OKL Article End

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