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Appreciating Our Lineworkers

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association recognizes the second Monday of every April as National Lineworker Appreciation Day. In joining the celebration, Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives wish to honor these unsung heroes who keep the lights on every day.

Appreciating Our Lineworkers

Be sure to thank a lineman in your community when you see them around. If you’re a social media user, we encourage you to express your appreciation by using the hashtag, #ThankALineman.

Seven quick facts about our lineworkers:

  1. 1. Nationwide, there are more than 150,000 lineworkers (that means one lineworker for every 2,000 people)
  2. 2. There are approximately 750 co-op lineworkers in Oklahoma
  3. 3. It takes approximately four to six years of schooling to reach the journeyman lineworker level
  4. 4. The Safety & Loss Control Department at the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives holds 15 safety training schools every year
  5. 5. There is only one Oklahoma co-op female lineworker, Michelle Taylor, at Cotton Electric Cooperative
  6. 6. Twenty Oklahoma co-op lineworkers have traveled internationally to Bolivia & Guatemala to bring first-time electricity to isolated villages
  7. 7. A lineworker’s chain of command is as follows:
    • Groundman: Also known as “Grunt.” Crewmember who stays on the ground
    • Journeyman: Lineworker on crew. Can also be known as District Lineman or Area Service Lineman—in charge of given area.
    • Lead Lineman: Top lineworker on the crew, underneath the foreman. Takes on the role of foreman if foreman is absent.
    • Foreman: Supervisors of crews.
    • Superintendent: Over multiple crews.
    • Director of Operations: Over entire operations for a given cooperative. OKL Article End