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Biz-Bending Champions

Help OKL honor innovative small businesses

Biz-Bending Champions

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We have all probably heard this before in the form of a command, suggestion or advice: “Be flexible.” It seems that, of late, I’m constantly reminded that being flexible is key to being able to carry on successfully. I took the time to look the word up in the dictionary; it defines flexibility as “the quality of bending easily without breaking,” or—better yet—“willingness to change or compromise.” Like most of you, I feel 2020 has been a year of being “stretched.” Prepared for it or not, COVID-19 has impacted all of us in one way or another. These challenging times have called us to innovate, adapt, change our course of action and apply flexibility to our daily lives. 

Oklahoma Living magazine, a trade publication representing your rural electric cooperative, has also had to adapt during these trying times. From significant changes to our editorial calendar, a slight falling-off in advertising, and a temporary shift in our printing operations from Oklahoma to Wisconsin, we have had to make changes in our production that were not expected, but as the definition cited above indicates: “We were bent, but not broken.” In fact, the challenges have only brought our staff more passion and a stronger zeal to continue serving you with the best publication possible. 

As we fare this pandemic, we would like to continue telling the incredible stories of how Oklahomans are stepping up with resiliency to serve their neighbors. In our May edition, we shared stories of how Oklahomans continue to raise the “Oklahoma Standard” by caring for one another; in our June edition, we highlighted how rural electric cooperatives throughout the state are extending a hand to help local communities during these difficult times; in July, we told you about the selfless service of rural healthcare workers who are serving on the frontlines of this pandemic, and in the near future, it would be our honor to share the stories of Oklahoma businesses on electric cooperative lines that are thinking “outside of the box” and being innovative to continue serving their clients and communities. If you are a small business owner and have a unique story to share about how you have adapted, or if you know of a small business in your area you would like to nominate to be featured in one of our future editions, please visit https://bit.ly/OKLBizBenderNomination. We will call these outstanding businesses, “OKL Biz-Bending Champions” because they were bent, but not broken, just like the people of this beautiful state we call home. Stay well, stay safe, stay strong…and stay flexible! OKL Article End