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Blood donations are important

A message from Larry Hicks, co-op board director at Red River Valley Rural Electric Association based in Marietta, Oklahoma

Blood donations are important

Larry Hicks, Red River Valley Rural Electric Association board director, donates blood with Jenny Hambrick, wife of Greg Hambrick, OAEC safety and loss control specialist. Courtesy photo

The Apostle Paul stated in Acts 20:35, to remember the words of Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” This is definitely the case when donating blood.  With the Coronavirus shutting everything down, I am sure that it has affected a lot of people in their giving of blood, which is critical now and even more so when the hospitals resume the surgeries that have been postponed due to the Covid-19 shutdown.

 The first time I donated was because of the need for a blood donation to help my Aunt Gertie Bransford, who was very low in the hospital at Ardmore, Oklahoma. It was the late 1960s and she was my dad’s oldest sister. Her daughter called our home very upset and asked my wife if she would get me and some of our cousins to come and donate blood for her mother, who was in critical need of blood. My wife Gayle came to the field where I was working and got me. I picked up my brother Delbert, cousins Joel, Thurston, Weldon, and George Hicks, Jr. and we all went up in one car together and donated blood for her. The next day our cousin called and said that our Aunt was sitting up in bed talking and feeling a lot better. Another time, Gayle’s Aunt Clara Ashcraft needed blood and I helped in that time of need. A very good friend of ours, Odessa Barnes, had major heart surgery and needed several pints, so basically my donations started out with the need of blood for family and friends I loved dearly. I think if you are able to give that it is a blessing to help others in need.

Our REA employees are very good about helping others by donating regularly when they are able. They are very responsive to this critical need. A low percentage of people donate blood. Personally, I feel better after giving blood which I think probably lowers my blood pressure while building back new blood cells, while meeting the need of helping to save someone’s life. The blood banks state that every pint that you donate helps save three people’s lives. So we are blessed to be able to give and may never know how many people that we have helped with this critical need. Truly, I have been blessed to be able to give over the past years. OKL Article End