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Crow Creek Market and Cafe

The Crow Creek Market and Cafe is popular with Crescent, Oklahoma, locals, but anyone can enjoy the quirky cafe’s fresh, homemade food.

Crow Creek Market and Cafe

The club sandwich is a bestseller at Crow Creek. It comes with bacon, turkey, ham, veggies and dressing on any bread. Photo by Hayley Leatherwood

On a typical day, Crow Creek Market and Cafe is full of regulars who come back time after time for the homemade food, comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff.

“It’s a quirky, funky little cafe. The staff is great and we spoil our customers,” owner Kathy Counts said. “Everything is clean, fresh and homemade and I do the cooking every day.”

Counts has lived in Crescent, Oklahoma, for 25 years. She was the former library director and county clerk before taking early retirement. She decided to open Crow Creek in 2015 after Heather Counts, her daughter-in-law, encouraged her to do it.

“We wanted to be different; I didn’t want to impose on any of the other restaurants,” she said. “We try not to do anything that anybody else in town is.”

Kathy said she makes fresh, healthy food every day to provide people with alternatives to the places that serve mostly fried food. She doesn’t use recipes; she simply comes up with something and puts it together.

“I try to make something different every single day,” she said. “Like our dessert today; it’s a cherry limeade cupcake I came up with this morning and threw together.”

Kathy describes herself as a perfectionist. She wants the food to not only taste great, but look great too.

“Nothing goes out of the kitchen if it doesn’t look good,” she said.

Heather has worked with Kathy in the cafe since it first opened.

“I enjoy the people,” she said. “We get a lot of regulars.”

Crescent is a small town, so Counts knows most of the people who come through the doors. On some occasions, they even host events like baby showers and birthday parties after the cafe closes.

Heather tends to customers and helps Kathy in the kitchen.

“She’s the creative one, I just do what she tells me,” Heather said.

Y'all Come Eat!

Take a trip to discover one of the Crow Creek Market's daily specials!

104 S. Grand, Crescent, Oklahoma, OK 73028 

Kathy’s creativity comes across in her cooking, but also in the cafe’s style. The building’s decor is made of items from Habitat for Humanity and auctions. The eating area is decorated with vintage lockers, bird cages, crows and an American flag. There are also items for sale like crocheted hats, plants and dishes. Counts said the decor is intended to make people feel at home and comfortable to stay as long as they want.

The name was a joke that stuck. Counts doesn’t like birds so she flippantly suggested naming the cafe “Crow Creek,” after a farm north of town that lies on Crow Creek.

“I am terrified of birds. Everybody knows that,” she said. “I threw out Crow Creek Market and everyone loved it.”

Crow Creek’s best-sellers are the chicken salad and the club sandwich, which comes with turkey, ham, bacon, a variety of veggies, and homemade dressing on any type of bread. Kathy creates a new dessert each day, which is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Crow Creek also takes orders for specialty pies, which range in price from $14 to $25.

The cafe is open Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. OKL Article End

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