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Farm to Fork

A one-of-a-kind destination restaurant offers Oklahomans a fresh experience

Farm to Fork

Photo by Hayley Leatherwood

The smooth sound of an antique Steinway piano spills out into the streets of downtown Tonkawa, Oklahoma, from the doors of TS Fork restaurant. Stepping inside on the original early 1900s hardwood floors, guests are greeted with a historic mural highlighting significant town events. As patrons are guided through the charming two-story building, it’s clear eating dinner at TS Fork is not just a meal—it’s an experience. 

“People can’t believe this quality of restaurant is tucked away in Tonkawa,” Ricardo Soto, restaurant manager, says.

The restaurant was created six years ago as a joint venture between Chef Jeff Denton and the First National Bank of Oklahoma. The idea was to pair fresh food from Oklahoma farmers and ranchers with an environment highlighting local artisans. 

The bank purchased the building with the intention of restoration and preservation. As ideas of what to do with the property began to circulate, the concept of creating a destination restaurant came to life. The ambience, and the ever-changing menu, keep guests coming back. 

The elevated dining experience consists of seven items: two appetizers, soup, salad, two entree items and a dessert. Forget waiting for a table or worrying about finishing quickly to allow the next family to take your seats. At TS Fork, the table is yours for the evening. For $40, each person will enjoy the five-course meal that has been thoughtfully sourced and created from scratch with original recipes by Denton. 

“Each night I give guests an introduction to their meal,” Denton, a Kay Electric Cooperative member, says. “I tell everyone what they’re having, how I prepared it and why that recipe is special to me.”

A sampling of past favorite dishes includes chicken Kiev, prime rib, beef tenderloin and melt-in-your-mouth bacon wrapped pork tenderloin. 

“The quality is incredible. You will get something new every visit—whether that’s a flavor, a taste or a dish you’ve never had,” Brad Purdy, First National Bank of Oklahoma Northern Oklahoma Region president, says. 

Although the menu shifts based on the seasonal ingredients, TS Fork’s famous deviled eggs will always be a staple appetizer. Eggs are sourced from local farms and are delicately whipped into a flaky puff pastry. 

Each dessert is made with love by a retired area schoolteacher. Fondly referred to as “Miss Pat,” she is best known for her baked cheesecakes and hummingbird cake, a delightful dessert with a center of pineapple, coconut and nuts. 

After dessert, guests can enjoy a warm cup of coffee and flow back onto the streets of downtown. The Tonkawa Arts Council continues with outdoor live music performances including karaoke if you’re up for joining in the fun. 

“We think we have a gem of a place that helps Tonkawa shine,” Purdy says. “We would love for you to visit and let us show off our little Mayberry of a town.” 

To make your reservation, call 800-928-1840 or visit www.tsfork.comOKL Article End