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Five Oklahoma restaurants worth the trip

Each restaurant's unique theme is rivaled only by its delicious eats.


5. Café Banhof

Café Banhof specializes in authentic German cuisine. The restaurant serves bratwurst, schnitzel, sausages and other genuine German dishes. Not to mention they also serve about 20 varieties of German beer.

Owner Dieter Dorner does most of his own cooking, which comes through family recipes. He’s a fan of Franconian cuisine, so his goal is to make his restaurant as authentic as possible. He even brought his local butcher from Germany to make sure the bratwurst is made exactly like it is at home.

People travel from near and far to get a taste of authentic German food, served with great ingredients in a welcoming environment.

131 E. Cecil St.
Waynoka, OK 73860
Phone: 580-824-0063

4. Liberty Theatre

Few movie theaters can offer a movie and a meal for only about $10, but the Liberty Theatre beats the price and experience by far. Located in Carnegie, Oklahoma, the Liberty is the oldest continually operated movie theater in Oklahoma. With a $4 standard admission and a $5.25 meal consisting of a gourmet hotdog, a drink and popcorn, the Liberty Theatre offers affordable, family-friendly entertainment.

Though, the movies are a main draw, the hotdogs they serve cannot be overlooked. The gourmet hotdogs, known as showdogs, are prepared with chili, which is made in a kitchen within the theater. Manager Gay Jones makes the chili using a top secret recipe she says nobody knows. Even if people knew the recipe, they wouldn’t use it because it takes too long, she said. Preparing the chili is a labor of love, taking up to 4 hours.

115 E. Main St.
Watonga, OK 73772
Phone: 615-504-5381

3. Kendall’s Restaurant

Started in 1986, Kendall’s has been proudly serving Oklahomans for more than 30 years. As a Southern-style eatery, the restaurant boasts both unique and familiar flavors. Chicken-fried steak and catfish are just a few of the many dishes served at Kendall’s. To sweeten the deal, each meal ends with a homemade cinnamon roll.

But, perhaps the most unique aspect of the restaurant is the “Chicken Fry Challenge.”

Patrons who take on the challenge face the task of eating three chicken-fried steaks, three side dishes, a salad and two cinnamon rolls within an hour. Eating may not sound difficult, but this particular task is harder than it seems. Hundreds have attempted the challenge, but only 18 have conquered it. The challenge is even listed in the country’s top 10 food challenges, according to TripAdvisor.

100 S. Main St.
Noble, OK 73068
Phone: 405-872-0303

2. Hungry Horny Toad Station

Located along Route 66 in Chandler, Oklahoma, the Hungry Horny Toad Station really pays homage to its historic home. The Townsend family restored and old garage, jumping at the chance to buy a spot on America’s highway. Known for its nostalgic atmosphere, the inside is decorated with local and national highway signs and Route 66 memorabilia.

The garage was restored with new water, electric and a state-of-the-art kitchen. Owner Floyd Townsend always played with horny toads as a kid. He even had a metal sculpture of one in their living room. His wife suggested naming their new locale after the horny toad and their son added the word “hungry.” The name stuck, and now the metal sculpture hangs out at the front register.

The Hungry Horny Toad Station’s food is a draw for customers from near and far. The food takes an East Texas-style spin, serving smoked dry-rub pork ribs, among other barbecue classics. They also serve things like bacon mac and cheese, beef, pork, chicken and even salads. The Townsend family believes food is not worth making if it’s not prepared fresh, so customers can always expect freshly-prepared meals with quality ingredients.

1422 Manvel Ave.
Chandler, Oklahoma, OK 74834
Phone: 405-588-5055

1. Angie’s Circus City

Perhaps one of the most unique themed restaurants in the state, Angie’s Circus City Diner is quite the show. Almost every inch of the diner is covered in circus décor and memorabilia. Photos, posters, tickets, figurines and even oversized clown shoes hang from the walls. The restaurant pays homage to Hugo, Oklahoma, which is known as “Circus City, U.S.A.” for the many traveling shows that station there. Angie’s father, a big circus fan, inspired the décor which contains items he collected throughout his life.

Though the restaurant’s atmosphere draws a lot of customers, the home-style cooking keeps them coming back. Meatloaf, chicken-fried steak, fried chicken, dumplings and fried catfish are some of the diner’s main entrees. Known also for desserts, Angie’s Diner offers pastries, cobblers, cakes and pies, many of which Angie bakes herself. 

1312 E. Jackson St.
Hugo, Oklahoma, OK 74743-4232
Phone: 580-326-2027 
www.angiescircuscitydiner.com OKL Article End


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