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Hoboken Coffee Roasters

Hoboken Coffee Roasters is a highlight of downtown Guthrie. 

Hoboken Coffee Roasters

“Getting to know the Guthrie community more is really fun. I enjoy all of it, actually. The cafe culture is a pleasant place to be," co-owner Trey Woods says. Photo by Kaylyn Taylor








On busy mornings, Hoboken Coffee Roasters in Guthrie, Okla., owned by Trey and Mallory Woods, is packed. People sit on the deck, tap on laptops and bustle in and out, all with a cup of coffee close at hand.

Expertly roasted every Monday and Wednesday, Hoboken’s coffee is fresh and flavorful. Even the most astute coffee lovers are sure to find something they enjoy among the variety of drinks and several brewing methods.

While excellent coffee attracts patrons, the unique atmosphere and friendly service entice them to stay. Located in a renovated garage and decorated with a mix of industrial and eclectic elements, the shop has a distinctive look. The environment is calm, friendly and peaceful.

“It’s like no other coffee shop I’ve been to,” said young barista Parker Canada, who began working at Hoboken last spring. “It’s so welcoming. I feel like I’m home.”

A similar feeling drew Mallory to the business in 2007 when she first entertained running a coffee shop. While majoring in nutrition at Oklahoma State, she took a part-time job at Aspen Coffee in Stillwater and was instantly hooked. 

At Aspen, she met and fell in love with Trey. They married six months later, and Trey soon graduated with a degree in finance. Intrigued by the idea of owning a coffee shop, he soon adopted Mallory’s dream as his own.

After researching the coffee culture in different parts of the country, the couple chose Oregon as the place to learn more about the industry. They packed clothes, kitchen supplies and their dog into a small Ford Ranger truck and headed north. 

They settled in the small college town of Eugene, Ore., for a year. As Mallory wrote on the Hoboken blog, “We ran (a lot), worked, ate tasty food, made lasting friendships, rode our bikes, hiked, and drank coffee. We had never been around so much great coffee.” 

As their time in Oregon drew to a close, they decided to apply what they’d learned. They sent their belongings home, turned in their apartment keys and bicycled back to Oklahoma.

Trey and Mallory began scouting the Oklahoma City area for a place to open a coffee shop. Nothing seemed a right fit until Mallory looked into an old garage her grandfather used for storage. She says she walked in, looked around and knew it was the place. 

The garage had no electricity, heat, air or plumbing. But after two years of saving money and renovating, Hoboken Coffee Roasters opened in 2012. Today, the shop is a highlight of downtown Guthrie, loved by locals and out-of-towners alike.

Trey attributes such success to the couple’s obedience to what they felt was God’s plan for them. 

“We’re responsible for the day-to-day operations,” Trey says. “But as far as the long-term vision, we try to stay focused on what God would have us do. I think that’s why it’s been successful.” 

Ten years after its conceptualization, Mallory’s idea is alive in a very obvious way. Customers come not just for coffee and homemade baked goods. For many, Hoboken is a haven away from the bustle of everyday life. It’s a place to sit down, enjoy a good cup of coffee and feel at home.