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The Chicken Shack

In the backyard of the Deep Fork River, an unmarked shack is home to some of the best broasted chicken in Oklahoma. Without a sign, it feels like a secret hideout waiting to be discovered. Even the owner gives off an almost Capone-like vibe.  

The Chicken Shack

Broasted chicken wings are served with a healthy helping of homemade sauce. Photos by Hayley Leatherwood

“People always ask how a football player from Iowa ended up selling chicken on Route 66 in Luther, Oklahoma,” Eddy G., owner, says with a sly smile. “I always tell them, ‘It wasn’t easy.’”

In addition to his own secrets, Eddy brought with him his refined midwestern technique of broasting chicken. Broasted chicken is marinated then cooked under pressure. This keeps the chicken hot and juicy, but not as oily as the run-of-the-mill fried chicken. 

The shack prides itself on its wings and strips but save yourself the trouble—don’t ask for boneless wings.

“Sorry folks, that’s just anti-chicken,” Eddy says.  

All the sauces are made in house, including the No. 1 seller, the sriracha bourbon wing sauce. The recipe has been refined to perfection, so he says he’s given it to his mom to keep hidden under lock and key. 

Specials include “Wing it Wednesdays,” featuring 30 wings for $20, and on Mondays you can luck into an all-you-can-eat wing night. Save room for mounds of golden fried sides, including onion rings, french fries and an important Oklahoma staple: okra.

At the Chicken Shack in Luther, Oklahoma, the only plans that need to be made are plans to relax–and get your fill of broasted chicken. Photo by Hayley Leatherwood

The setting is ideal for listening to live local music on a warm summer day or catching a football game with a crew in the fall. Wooden spool tables set beneath the glow of Christmas lights allow patrons to play one of many yard games well into the night. 

A guaranteed way to spot the owner? Tell the server you don’t want a to-go container. Eddy will want to know what you didn’t like. 

“Chicken is even better left over and cold the next day,” he says. “And I give you enough so that if you get pulled over on the way home, you can tell the cop, ‘Hey, I got this for you!’” 

The Chicken Shack also does broasted pork chops, smoked tri-tip and on Friday and Saturday nights, you won’t want to miss the smoked prime rib. 

“The chicken is very tasty,” Phil Coldiron says. “It’s as hot as it can be, the same way every time, and it’s fantastic food. Make this a destination. You will love it.” 

Plan a trip to feast on broasted chicken, kick back and relax. You might even catch a glimpse of the Chicken Capone—just don’t tell him we sent you. OKL Article End