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THIS 'N' THAT  |  November 2017

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Lost and Found

Looking for two copies of a 4-H cookbook from the ‘70s. It was by Lucille Smith and contained recipes for liver and moist oatmeal cookies with raisin liquid. Also looking for a mild barbecue sauce recipe by Aaron Williams, who owned Williams BBQ in the ‘70s. Contact Sharon McClatchey at 4467 W. 90th St. N., Porter, OK 74454-2645.
Looking for a mouse/rat repellent
that will keep rodents from chewing wiring in vehicles. Contact Inez Biggs at 918-966-2184.

Looking for a Shawnee High School yearbook from 1961. Contact Mary Wilson at leomom@yahoo.com or 918-452-2793.

Looking for relatives of Lettle Nellie Ross, who died in 1922 and was buried in the Eakly Cemetery. She is a descendant of the late John Marion Ross. Contact Carolyn Hatfield at 405-797-2915.

Looking for information on the names on a friendship quilt top completed in 1930 in Johnson County in Ravia, OK. Contact Martha Bryant at marthaleabryant@sbcglobal.net.

Looking for information on Knoles Cemetery or Knoles School in Cleveland County. It was also called Pleasant Ridge and District 65 Cemetery and School. Contact Lisa Westbrook at 2inokla.homa@cox.net. 

Looking for a poem with the words “O’ give me an acre of land oh Lord.” It was in a farm maga.zine years ago. Contact Carole Kline at 344392 E. Highway 18B, Chandler, OK 74834.

Looking to buy a copy of the book “Annals of Red Oak” by Flossie Chaudoin. Contact Carol Kirnmaier at 405-344-7265 or at mscoolgsk@yahoo.com.

Looking for 45 record of Charlie Gillum’s “I’m Still Too Ready To Believe.” It was recorded in the early ‘60s. Contact LaVerne Gillum Crisp at 16668 Highwwy 82C, Hulbert, OK 74441 or 918-772-8497.

Looking for information about the Iberian Tribe. Contact Hazel Davis-Clark at P.O. Box 696, Stigler, OK 74462.

Looking to buy the book “Hufstedler Family and Allied Families” by Lena Jo Kelly Glaser. Contact Velda Bradley, 918-623-1550 or velda_bradley@yahoo.com.

Found a man’s class ring in Duncan, OK. It has a man in armor with a shield over a star on one side and a green and gold helmet on the other side. In reads “James Madison High” on the top circle. Inside the ring, it reads “John Roberts OR-10K.” Contact Maxine Cadell, P.O. Box 498, Apache, OK 73006 or 580-512-2216.

Looking for photos to honor the Oklahoma Department of Transportation “Fallen Highway Workers." ODPT has set up a webpage “Fallen Highway Workers” for the 60 ODOT employees who fell in the line of duty. ODOT requests assistance in locating pictures of the following fallen employees:

Judd Faudree, December 29, 2005
Carolyn Woods, December 1998
Herbert A. Albers, June 15, 1994
Roy B. Bowman, September 7, 1993
Robert Keesee, March 10, 1988
V. Lanell Shindler, July 26, 1982
Paul E. Hatcher, January 24, 1979
James D. Berry, September 6, 1978
Joe K. Battle, July 24, 1978
Oscar Standeford, Jr., September 7, 1977
Orville E. Holman, October 7, 1975
John E. Botts, October 10, 1973
Clarence Maggard, March 13, 1973
Oather J. Dryden, February 19, 1972
Luey V. Holland, July 16, 1971
Donald Killiam, June 8, 1970
F.W. Motley, September 2, 1958
Sammie D. Wilson, August 10, 1967
Norris D. Crager, July 28, 1967
Overton Love, November 22, 1966
Carl M. Strain, December 3, 1965
James Earldon Rose, November 8, 1965
F. Leonard Stroyick, May 25, 1965
Hugh E. Storts, July 3, 1964
Alex Manous, April 1, 1964
Clarence L. Clay, July 24, 1963
Leonard Spain, June 4, 1963
William S. Nichols, May 7, 1963
Cecil Honsinger, October 7, 1960
Coy Blair, December 24, 1958
Arthur L. Dooley, November 27, 1958
Alex Morgan, November 27, 1958
James Johnson, August 8, 1958
Connell R. Duncan, June 19, 1958
Lawrence A. Felkel, Jr., March 25, 1957
Lawrence E. Lane, March 25, 1957
James A. Lile, March 25, 1957
Jim Nash, August 17, 1955
Henry Cornelius, November 9, 1953
B.A. Reynolds. May 14, 1940
James Dawkins, July 21, 1931


Contact Annette Nichols, Division Three Safety Manager, Oklahoma Department of Transportation, 580-332-1526.


Community Events

Visit with Santa at the Christmas Craft Bazaar at the Blaine County Fairgrounds on December 2  from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be more than 60 booths of Christmas cards, decor, gifts and food. Don’t forget to enter for cash and gift door prizes, which will be drawn throughout the day! Admission is free. For more information, call 405-368-5675. 

Join us for Landmark Bank’s “Christmas Through The Eyes of a Child” Parade! Dress up as characters, decorate floats and trucks, and represent your business or organization! The fun begins at 10 a.m. on December 9. The parade will be followed immediately at Landmark Bank with pictures with Santa and the Grinch in Whoville. Visit johnstoncountyokchamber.com/calendar for information.  OKL Article End