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THIS 'N' THAT  |  March 2019

Browse submissions from our co-op members, trade off ideas and submit your requests or ideas at the bottom of this page.

Deadline for “This ‘N’ That” is the 10th of each month. Submissions will be published free of charge, and will run on a first-come, first-served basis. Oklahoma Living will not guarantee publication of all submissions. 

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Lost and Found

Looking for Patsy Morgan. Her husband went by Junior and lived in Pryor, OK in the early ‘60s. Contact Sue Tandy at 918-341-4853.

Found a gold class ring from 1956 with the initials ‘RBL.’ Contact Bonnie Williams at 620-660-8475.

Looking for a picture of the Blue Mouse School which was on Blue Mouse Road in Sequoyah County, northeast of Roland, OK. Contact Pat Huff at 479-208-1485 or email at pathuffar@gmail.com.

Looking for a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens from the mid ‘80s. The recipe was for a salad dressing used on both fruit and cold cuts. The picture that went with the recipe showed slices of rolled up turkey, honey glazed ham, slices of cantaloupe, honeydew melon, black grapes and strawberries surrounded by lettuce. The dressing was creamy and was meant to be poured over fruit and meat. Contact Sharon McClatchey at 4467 West 90th Street North, Porter, OK 74454-2645.

Looking for someone to repair a 31-day wall chime clock. Contact Carol Mapel at 580-383-0001.

Looking for a 1962 Omega class ring. It is a ladies yellow gold ring, pawned in Weatherford in the mid ‘70s. Contact Mary Sue Stewart at 580-623-1580.

Looking for Quick Cooking annuals from 2001 and before, 2009, and 2012 and after. Contact Sharon McClatchey at 918-510-1790.

Looking for a friend named James Allen Helms and his dog, Socks. Contact Mary Green at 918-899-3524.

Looking for a Brinkman High School pearl and ruby class ring from 1955 with the initials ‘KFB.’ It was lost in the mid ‘70s at the OKC Stock Show in March. Contact Kay Werhan at 580-383-0758.

Looking for a Cloud Chief High School class ring with a red stone and a ‘C’ on each side of the stone. It was lost in Bristow, OK in 1958. Contact L.B. at 580-515-9316.

Community Events

Join the Chelsea Dance & Jam Sessions every Friday night from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Civic Citizen Center in Chelsea, OK. Bring a dish for potluck. Enjoy food, music, and dancing for a small donation. Musicians welcome. For more information, contact Charlotte Foster at 918-789-3464.


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