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Blue Spruce

By Hayley Leatherwood April 2018

Gelato & Sorbet

A mystical childhood vacation served as the seed for an idea that would grow into Blue Spruce Gelato & Sorbet for owners and Central Electric Cooperative members Colby and Kristen Bennett. 

Colby’s concept began as a child on a family trip to the Rocky Mountains. He fell in love with the Blue Spruce trees and how they stood out among others because of their vibrant hue. The atmosphere of the dessert stop is a reflection of this inspiration. 

The décor is a harmonious collision of warm and industrial, natural light, wood, iron, metal and glass. All the elements help define the space and are woven into the Blue Spruce experience. 

“We have a heart for hospitality,” Colby says. “We love to serve and create a space that is filled with joy, peace and love—that’s the heart of why we do this.” 

When the couple was doing research for their business plan, they became intrigued with the pairing of coffee and gelato. Fitting them into this space seemed like “too cool of a concept to not try it” for Colby. 

The primary difference between gelato and other ice cream dessert options is that the treat is made with more milk and less cream. The way the machine spins is also much faster so that it pushes out the air bubbles and makes a denser product. 

“You can eat less of it and feel as full,” Kristen says. “Through our process, we create the gelato in a healthier way than traditional ice cream options.”

Compared to ice cream, Blue Spruce gelato is one-third of the fat and half the calories. In addition, the couple makes their creations with all organic ingredients. 

On a daily basis, patrons will find 16 flavors in the case. The staple flavors are chocolate, creamy vanilla, cookies and crème and salted caramel. The couple also creates flavors based on the season and ideas from customers and employees. 

“We put care and effort into each item we make,” Kirsten says. “All our flavors use bare, raw ingredients and we chop every fruit that goes into our sorbet.”  

At least five of the case choices will always be sorbet, which is water-based and dairy-free. Customer favorites include dark chocolate, lemon, strawberry, raspberry and forest berry. 

When Blue Spruce first opened, coffee was a part of the model, but Colby didn’t realize how much he would grow to enjoy the process. He says he became fascinated by the experience and the steps to maximize the coffee’s flavor.

“Once I tasted the freshness and richness, that was the fuel I needed to show our customers how different and delightful coffee can be,” Colby says. 

Colby and Kristen encourage customers to come and enjoy the space for as little or as long as they like. Kristen enjoys when the tables are full of patrons playing cards, doing Bible studies or studying for classes. 

“This place is a bit of ourselves, and people loving the concept is the most encouraging and complimentary thing we could receive,” Colby says.

Coleman Bourke, an Oklahoma State University student, comes to Blue Spruce for the open feel and to enjoy a nice day with friends. 

“The gelato is way better than ice cream—it’s richer; the texture is amazing,” Bourke says. “And the employees are so nice. They always have great tips and want me to have the best gelato experience I could have.” 

Many customers agree as Blue Spruce is ranked as the No. 1 spot to stop for dessert in Stillwater on Trip Advisor. 

Whether you’re looking to warm up with a rich cup of coffee or cool down with a creamy treat after a day of window shopping on historic main street, Blue Spruce is open seven days a week and ready to share their freshest creations. 

“Come see us,” Kristen says. “We’re unique, we’re different and we care about you.” 

Plan your trip

  • Blue Spruce specializes in handmade gelato and sorbet, craft coffee, loose leaf tea, and apple cider.
  • 3 Open daily from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays
  •  724 S. Main Street, Stillwater, Oklahoma
  • Find Blue Spruce on Facebook and Instagram @bluespruceok 
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Chocolate chip gelato is one of the many favorites available fresh daily at Blue Spruce. Photo by Hayley Leatherwood

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