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By Joanna Mueller February 2021

Apps that help people connect

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Few things can build an appreciation for social interaction like a global pandemic. Staying connected with friends and family while physically distanced hasn’t been easy. Now, learning how to start meeting and building relationships with people again poses a new set of challenges. Fortunately, there are some apps to make it easier than ever to find and connect with the people around you.


Nextdoor website

If you’ve been a bit negligent in introducing yourself around the neighborhood, or just can’t remember the names of the family on the corner, Nextdoor might be the perfect app.The self-proclaimed “hyper-local social network” focuses exclusively on neighborhood engagement. Users must verify their address to gain access to chat functions and message boards viewable by the other members of their neighborhood. It’s great for reporting missing pets, organizing community events, or selling off unneeded items. As an added benefit, everyone goes by their real names so you’ll finally be able to properly greet the man on the corner who’s been waving to you every day since you moved in.


Peanut app

Initially designed as a way for new moms to connect, Peanut has expanded to cover all stages of motherhood. So if you’re expecting, expecting to be expecting, or a seasoned motherhood professional, this is a great resource to find other mom pals in the area. The app’s algorithm attempts to match moms by their interests, ages of their children and location. From there moms can chat, schedule meet-ups or form groups with their newfound friends.

There are a few drawbacks, namely as a smaller app the mom pool can be limited in certain areas. This leads to the app suggesting moms who aren’t actually in the local area. Despite this, it’s a great way to find like-minded moms to connect with.


We3 app

There’s an abundance of friend-finding apps on the market, but too many people have started using them as substitutes for dating apps. We3 gets around this problem by grouping like-minded, same-gendered individuals into groups of three, called tribes. Using a mixture of social science and computer science, We3 analyzes over 150 traits to match people who are most likely to be compatible friend material.

Even before everything was locked-down, making friends as an adult could be a challenge. What are the odds of finding someone you can actually connect with while shopping at the grocery store? We3 drastically improves your chances of forming lasting friendship groups.


Meetup website

Curious about local groups and events in your community, but not sure how to get involved? Meetup provides a comprehensive overview of local social groups for any interest or activity. Whether you’re looking for birdwatching buddies or gardening groups, Meetup has you covered. There are loads of different categories, from generic interests to wildly specific hobbies. Find one that clicks and you’ll get a selection of groups for people who share your interests. Once you join a group you can respond to activities hosted by fellow members. This app is great for getting out and trying new things with people you might not have otherwise met.


Pawdates website

Have a furry friend who could use a new buddy? Dogs are social creatures too, so it only makes sense that they’d have their own apps. Pawdates (only available on Apple) lets you meet other dog owners and set up puppy play dates. If you’ve never considered yourself a “people person” this might be the perfect app. Chat with other dog owners to find dogs who are compatible in size and temperament with your own before heading out to socialize at the dog park.

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Photo by vegefox - stock.adobe.com

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