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Downloading the Best Deals

By Joanna Mueller April 2021

Price comparison apps for online bargains.

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With so many shops and stores vying for your attention, it’s difficult to be certain you’re getting the best deal. There are, after all, few things as satisfying as knowing you got the lowest price on your purchase. While this is especially true for big-ticket items, smaller daily and weekly savings add up over time. Here are some easy-to-use price comparison apps that will give you an edge when it comes to finding the lowest prices on everything from laptops to groceries.


ShopSavvy website

Encouraging its customers to “Buy Smarter & Save Better,” ShopSavvy is a top price comparison tool. It features an integrated barcode scanner. With a quick scan you’ll know if the item you’re planning to buy is available cheaper elsewhere. Since most stores offer price-matching, you might not even have to drive to another destination to get the better price. You can even check online prices so you don’t miss hidden deals. The developer recommends that to get the most out of ShopSavvy, users should focus on comparing items that cost at least $10 or more. Items below that threshold aren’t likely to have much variance in price from store to store so the savings might not be worth the hassle.


BuyVia website

For those who are willing to wait for the best price, BuyVia is an indispensable deal-finding tool. After downloading the app, you are asked about the types of products you are interested in, as well as the stores where you prefer shopping. Then, BuyVia will cull through the best deals every day so you’re always up-to-date on current sales and markdowns. The app even sends you notifications when items on your wishlist finally drop to your chosen price point. BuyVia has a slight focus on tech items and online retailers, but you can still scan a barcode while out and about to quickly hunt for a better bargain.


Basket website

When it comes time to make a budget, groceries are the first items to come under scrutiny. There is no getting around buying food, but at least you can be sure you’re getting the best deal when you do. Basket’s initial setup and virtual shopping list can be a bit tedious to learn to navigate, but after you’ve selected what you need, the app searches stores in your local area for the best prices. Once you know where the deals are hiding, it’s time to shop. Prices are checked and updated by Basket’s community of shoppers. That means the price you see is the price you can expect to pay at checkout. The app will even let you know about current sales and coupons so you can get the most for your meal.


Flipp website

Want to save an average of $45 every week on the things you buy? That’s how much Flipp customers claimed to save in 2020 by using this handy app. Flipp takes coupon clipping to the next level. It pulls deals from over 2,000 weekly ads, sales, and coupons. Just add items to your shopping list and Flipp will find you the best local price. If your store offers any sort of loyalty program, those can be added to the app for easy access. You can even load your selected coupons to your loyalty cards so they are ready at checkout. Flipp also has an online version if you prefer browsing your deals on a full screen before hitting the stores.


Honey website

While most of this list focused on apps to make shopping in stores easier, for the savvy online shopper there is no better suite of shopping features than Honey. Rather than a mobile app, Honey is a browser extension available through Google Chrome. Once you’ve added the extension, shop online as you normally would. Honey searches for online discount codes and instantly applies the best ones to the items in your cart at over 30,000 stores. If you’re waiting to score the sale price on an item, add it to your “droplist” to get a notification when Honey’s algorithm senses a price drop is coming. If there is a discount code available, Honey will track it down.

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