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Floral Experience

By Miguel Rios July 2021

Simple Acre Farm offers a cut-your-own-flower experience in Pocasset.

woman tending to field of flowers
Photo by Mandy Stansberry Photography

A peaceful meadow where you can cut your own flowers, connect with nature and create lasting memories with loved ones—that’s the vision Kristen Davenport has for Simple Acre Farm in Pocasset, Oklahoma.

Davenport’s passion for flowers and nature stems from the special comfort they brought her after she lost her parents. However, she really dove into her love of planting and growing after visiting a strawberry farm with her children.

“Once I had kids, I started working part-time and wanted to stay home with them. In my spare time, to be outside and to do stuff, we went to a strawberry farm in Mustang, and loved it,” she says. “Then we thought, ‘We have 2 acres and we don’t want it just for lawn.’”

That’s when Davenport and her husband Joel, members of Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, began growing their own strawberries and started a vegetable garden outside their Mustang home.

“The next year, I added in flowers because that’s what I love. I’d rather cut flowers than pick okra any day,” she says. “The flowers did surprisingly well. Last year was the second year we did it, and we increased our growing size.”

Almost a full acre of their 2-acre property was dedicated to growing strawberries, vegetables, and flowers.

“We live in a neighborhood, and we grew so many flowers that we couldn’t keep up with it,” Davenport says. “But then there was a pandemic and people wanted to get out more, so we opened up for a u-cut experience. It was a big hit. People loved coming here.”

Thus Simple Acre Farm was born, offering a chance for people to cut their own flowers straight from Davenport’s garden. She says the experience was fun but became very challenging since it was based out of her own backyard.

large backyard filled with flowers
Courtesy photo provided

Because of that, Davenport and her family expanded from 2 acres in Mustang to 30 acres in Pocasset. Now in its third year and in a new location, Simple Acre Farm continues the u-cut flower experience with a wider variety of flowers. Their new, much larger u-cut field is called Oklahoma Flower Meadow.

“We have the sunflowers and zinnias, which are kind of the typical ones, and then I love growing some of the more unusual things too,” she says. “So we have planted out the lisianthus, strawflower, bee balm, cosmos, dahlias, and I’m trying eucalyptus. We’ll also have some filler flowers like basil and dill. We like to add those to have some greenery, but overall there’s a huge variety.”

In order to keep the experience intimate and controlled, Oklahoma Flower Meadow only allows u-cut by appointment through their website, simpleacrefarm.com.

“For me, the hardest part of the flower farm is cutting all of the flowers, so having other people help me cut will be awesome,” she says. “Since we have kids, I also love the idea of the u-cut and helping people form great memories.”

Davenport says they have received positive feedback from people who participated in the u-cut experience in their former Mustang location.

“We had a few people that came back multiple times and would say, ‘My daughter has a lot of anxiety and loves coming to this place because it’s so peaceful. We want to keep coming back because it’s such a special place.’ That one was huge for me as someone that can relate to having anxiety,” she says. “It’s very humbling. People would leave and we would feel honored that they would come.”

Overall, Davenport says Oklahoma Flower Meadow offers a fun, relaxing experience that anyone can enjoy. She says people come in with their kids, with a group of their close friends, on dates, and they have even hosted a bachelorette event where they cut flowers for their rehearsal dinner. Davenport says they aim to also host design events, special occasion events, parties, and work gatherings.

“I love when people come through and say, ‘This particular flower reminds me of my grandma’s house growing up. She always grew this flower,’” she says. “It’s just special.”

For more information, visit Simple Acre Farm website or follow them on Instagram @simpleacreflowerfarm.

Davenport family | Photo by Mandy Stansberry Photography
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