Keep on Truckin’

By Anna Politano February 2021

The first all-electric pickup truck for commercial fleet operations makes a stop in Oklahoma.

back of a pickup truck
Photo by Anna Politano/OAEC

The Lordstown Endurance was introduced to several state and government organizations, legislators, and others on Monday, December 21, when company representatives made a stop at the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City. Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC) sponsored this stopover along the company’s cross-country road trip to introduce the first all-electric pickup truck that is being specifically designed for use in commercial fleet operations.

Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives have played an essential role, with strategic partner Frances Energy, in the development of an electric vehicle (EV) charging network that is now in place across much of Oklahoma. Work is continuing to fill in any areas that may still need chargers to reduce range anxiety for rural residents and to manage the growing demand for EVs.

Lordstown Motors, an American automobile manufacturer of electric vehicles, is located in Lordstown, Ohio, and is based in the former Lordstown Assembly Plant, which previously belonged to General Motors. To learn more about the Endurance, visit the Lordstown Motors website.

Fast Facts

The Lordstown Endurance features:

  • 250 miles of driving range
  • Unique hub motor system simplifies the drive train and allows for individual wheel control
  • 2,000 pound payload with 7,500 pounds towing capacity
  • Acceleration of 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds
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Photo by Anna Politano/OAEC

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