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By Joanna Mueller November 2021

The Best Apps for Coupons and Cashback

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Shopping. Whether you love it or hate it, there is no avoiding it. While finding ways to save a bit here and there certainly helps, clipping coupons and hunting for discounts is time-consuming. Trying to score cashback from manufacturer rebates is a full-on endurance trial. Save time and sanity by letting these apps track down all the best deals and even earn cashback at popular retailers both online and in-store.


Dosh website

One of the top-rated cashback apps, Dosh makes it easy to earn while you spend. Just download the app and link your cards. The next time you swipe to pay for a purchase, Dosh checks with their brand partners to find any eligible cashback offers. The money accumulates in the Dosh wallet until it hits the $25 minimum. At this point, it can be transferred to your bank, Paypal, or even your Venmo account. Dosh has an extensive list of brand partners so it’s possible to earn rewards pretty much anywhere you shop, eat or stay.


Rakuten website

Another popular cashback option for online shopping is Rakuten (formerly Ebates). Rakuten utilizes a free Chrome browser extension that automatically checks for deals from brand partners while you search online. When a deal is found, you’ll get an alert letting you know which items offer cashback bonuses so you can find the best deal. At checkout, Rakuten will even cycle through and apply any available coupons to your order. If you don’t want to be locked in to shopping from your desktop, there is a Rakuten app for deals on the go.


Ibotta website

Touted as one of the best cashback apps for grocery shopping, Ibotta offers more than 500 exclusive offers for grocery pickup and delivery. This is helpful since with Ibotta you’ll need to select the offers you’re interested in before checkout. Just sign on to find your favorite store and start building your shopping list in the app. If any items qualify for cashback offers then select them and check out as usual. Submit your receipt and collect cashback on qualifying items as Ibotta earnings. The app also allows you to link store loyalty cards so you can bypass having to upload your receipt after shopping.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Reward website

Perhaps you don’t have time to deal with coupons and discounts, even with an army of apps at your disposal, but you still want to get in on the cashback goodness. Fetch Rewards is the perfect compromise. Just take a picture of any receipt from any store within 14 days of purchase and Fetch awards you points. Gather enough points and trade them in for gift cards at popular stores or other cool freebies like coffee from Starbucks or an Uber ride. They even offer special weekly deals that allow you to earn extra points if you want to rack up rewards faster.

Keep It Local OK

Keep It Local OK website

Looking for the best insider deals for local stores and restaurants? Keep It Local OK helps Oklahomans discover and support great local businesses. Each year they offer an updated version of their Keep It Local cards for sale. Cardholders get access to special offers and deals at businesses across the state. The app features a bit of everything, from savings at local coffee bars to pest control professionals, so there’s a deal for everyone. The offers vary by location—anything from a percentage off to free coffee with purchase. Overall, not a bad way to grab some exclusive deals just for shopping local.

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