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Thinking About Going Solar

July 2022

Your local electric co-op is your trusted energy advisor.

solar panels
Photo courtesy of Ozarks Electric Cooperative

If you are considering investing in solar, your first call should be to your local electric co-op. Here are tips for your consideration: 

  • Before signing an agreement, check with your electric co-op for local information rather than relying on what the contractor says. 
  • Solar contractors often work in several utility service territories and may not be familiar with your co-op’s offerings, rate structures and interconnection agreements. 
  • Another option may be community-owned solar. Many electric co-ops offer community solar programs. You may have an option to enjoy the benefits of solar without the responsibilities of ownership and maintenance. 

Solar is not “off the grid.” Unless you plan to disconnect from your electric co-op, you will still receive a monthly bill. Solar panels only produce power when the sun is shining. If you want power to your home at other times, like after dark, you need to be connected to your electric co-op or invest in a battery storage system, which comes at an additional cost. 

Additional considerations unique to your situation may include energy consumption, affordability and roofing. Your local co-op energy advisors are ready to help you. Contact your local co-op today to help you meet your money-saving and environmental goals. 

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